Sunday, February 6, 2011

A weekend with T-daddy

Me and Toph had a fun weekend together.  Mom kept Lan Man and we went to dinner and done a little shopping.  We tried out Crocodile Ed's and it was GROSS... I had a funky taste in my mouth for an entire day after.  I could not get it out of my mouth and brushed my teeth a 100 times.  We got our trim painted from the window and door installation and it looks so much better and is lots warmer too!  I think it will prove to be a good investment.  We also sold the old Jeep on Saturday, I had 11 people that wanted to come see it the first person to come look at it, bought it!  I was really happy and love Shoals Sales Barn, I have put 2 more things on there and it all sold that day.  It makes me want to find a bunch of my junk and get rid of it.  I think Toph was kind of sad to see the Jeep go, he had a lot memories in it.  We are gonna go get our new car in about 2 weeks.  I am gonna get a Hyundai Tuscon and I am so excited.  Toph's gonna drive my car so it worked out good.  I went to the Dr. last Thursday bc I have been having some pain in my back and side.  One night it totally took my breath and hurt really bad.  I have had lots of pain in my chest over the years and every time it scares me to death.  I actually think I am having a heart attack, and it causes lots of anxiety.  I actually got my heart checked a few years ago and it was fine.  The kidney dr. suggested I get my gallbladder checked out bc he said it wasn't my kidneys that were causing my pain so I went and got 2 tests on it.  The first was just a normal ultrasound to see if I had any stones and that came back negative.  So he went on to the next test where they inject a radioactive die in your blood stream to check the function of your gall bladder.  It is a hr and half test, the first part of the test went fine.  I slept and they did there thing, but the last 30 minutes they put this stuff that works specifically on your gallbladder.  It made me really sick at my stomach, I wanted to throw up.  I didn't have any pain until later and when I got home my stomach started cramping really bad.  Well, the results came in the next day and it was my gallbladder causing my trouble.  It doesn't hardly function and when it does it is spastic and causes pain and nausea.  I am so happy to have found the problem, bc it sometimes made me feel nuts.  I get it removed on Friday at the Surgery Center in Huntsville.  Dr. Harriman is doing the procedure and he is really nice.  I will be sore for 3-5 days, but I know it will probably be well worth it! 

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