Friday, October 21, 2011

17 Magical Months

Dear Sweet Boy Landon,
What a magical month it has been. You are quickly moving past the baby status and becoming a real little person.  I am constantly amazed at how much you have grown over 17 months.  I look at you and start crying bc you are growing so fast.  Some days are hard, but when you come and pat me and lay sugars on me, my heart melts and all our problems melt away.  It is kind of hard to go places bc you are very inquisitive and want to get down and check things out, but you don't know yet that some things will hurt you.  So this makes mama have to run around like a chicken with her head cut off or hold you and you weigh around 32 pounds.  You are giving mama some guns :) 
You babble like crazy to your animals and toys in your room when you think no one is listening. When you wake up from a nap or in the mornings, you’re not instantly awake so we just let you hang out in your crib for a little while with your toys. And you just gab away some days. I can’t wait until I start understanding what the stories are that you’re telling.  You know what you want, but you haven't gotten the art of telling me, except by pointing.  You give that little finger a workout trying to point and tell me, but sometimes I just don't know... then you get frustrated :)  Most of the time I can start making silly faces and you just laugh at me.  I found out that your daddy did a lot of pointing and your Ninny had to make him say stuff or she wouldn't get it for him, lol...
You wear a size 5 diaper
You wear 24 Months to 2t clothes
You love to run and climb
You love your trains
You love to sing, especially the Thomas song and you like to listen to the radio in the car and hum along
You love bath time and you like to lean back and relax on me and read your bath book
You like to put your feet in the water that is running out of the faucet
You love bananas, mac n cheese, cheese puffs, and cream of chicken soup, and Red Lobster
You love to look at your books, you turn the pages and look at the pictures.  You would rather turn the pages yourself and just have me sit beside you. 
You actually want to put your shoes on now, bc you know your gonna get to go somewhere.  So you will go get your shoes and try to put them on, lol...
You love to grab me by the finger and take me to the door bc you want to go OUT.
You love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

You got to go to the pumpkin patch last weekend and you loved it!  You were tired by the end and was waving bye bye and blowing sugars... You had a blast.  I love you sweet baby boy!

Baby Landon, you are such a good boy and I am so proud to be your mama. God was so good to your dad and I when He gave you to us. We pray for you every day, that you will grow into a man who loves the Lord with all your heart!
We love you!

You didn't want to touch the chickens!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hey Everybody, will yall sweet friends do me a favor and vote for Landon at HMP Studios on Facebook!  I need some help :)  Just click on the link and like the page if you don't already and vote for Lan Man...

HMP Landon's Pic

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh Baby, Photo Contest

Times Daily is having a photo contest for the cutest baby of the year.  I couldn't resist putting my little cutie in it... He may not be the cutest to you, but I think he pretty darn cute in my book ;)  If you would like to vote for him go here... VOTE FOR LANDON
You have to sign up and then they give you one free vote.  Use it for my lil man :)  I don't even know what you win, except you are on the Times Daily calender.  I believe he is on page six.  They give you a widget you can use to go to him automatically, but it wasn't pulling it up for some reason.

How could you NOT for this cutie???

Landon's Favorite Toy

TrainsI was surfing Pinterest for Landon's love of trains and found a pic of his most favorite train ever right now.  He loves this thing.  He wants me to hook it together 18 million times a day.  You see the blue things that latch them together, I have had to glue them back on around 9 times... He loves it!  It's Melissa and Doug, if you think your little one might like it.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Go to sleep little one
May it be peaceful
May you dream of lovely things
And awake to find them real
Little one

Close your eyes little one
This is your lullaby
The love of God is evident in the miracle of you
Little one...

Thought that this was so sweet, if only it would work... LoL... Landon is currently crying in his crib and wanting out!  Bless him, for some reason he has had a rough sleep week... I hope it is his medicine and will be better tomorrow.  I don't like sweet buddy to cry.  He loves to throw everything out of his crib when he is mad.  Looks like I am going to have to move him to a toddler bed, wow that is scary!  This is a cute collaborative blog for stories that I have found, me and Landon read it to unwind before beddie bye,  I also have been reading blogs about toddler activities and other tricks for the upcoming winter.  I stay home with Landon every day and if we don't have something to keep us busy on those cold winter days, we will go crazy.  On another note, do you follow celebrity bloggers?  I love the Kardashians, much to my husbands disappointment.  He says that it rots my brain, I on the other hand love it!!  I like checking out little Mason on Kourtney's blog,  Well, it looks like Landon has gave it up for the night.  Bless his bones.  We have a busy day tomorrow, so I better hop on in the bed too.  Here are a few pics from our fabulous day at home! 

Dear Landon,
Oh, sweet, sweet, sometimes high tempered, hyper, little one. This has been a crazy time of growth and development for you. It has also been a time of you asserting your iron will and in light of this, I now live in fear of your teenage years.  You remind me so much of myself, it is just plain scary.  I'm hyper, loud, and get excited and delighted over the silliest stuff and man, if you aren't the same way.  Son, we love hard, have tender hearts, are compasionate beyond words, and like what we want when we want it.  It sometimes hard to have battle of wills with you, bc your ALMOST as strong willed as your old mom.  I have made it alright, so I know you will too.  You just might give your mom and dad a few mini strokes.. LoL..
You are now 16 months old! How in the world did that happen? You are growing too fast, my little toddler! You’re apparently much taller and heavier than the average 16 month old, because people always think you’re older than you actually are. They also tell us that you are a stinker and that they bet I get my excercise in, (if they only knew the half of it)  I should be skin and bones, keeping up with you. Ha! They have NO IDEA. You weigh in at about 30 pounds, wear a size 7 shoe, and clothing from size 18 months up to 2-3T.You love your milk and juice.  Your fav snacks are cheese puffs and Thomas fruit snacks.  You love baked potatoes, mac n cheese, cream of chicken soup, hashbrowns, bisquits, Chic fil A, and Mickey D's.
Capturing your whole personality with words just doesn’t seem possible. Well, let’s give it a shot.
  • LOVING. You give random kisses and hugs. You love to grab your blankie and snuggle with us. When you are cranky or in a bad mood, a few minutes of snuggle time in our laps usually brings you around to happiness again
  • FEISTY.  there are times when you are… shall I say, difficult to handle. As a toddler, you are spirited, determined, and not willing to settle for less than you want. You can throw amazing tantrums. One great example would be the carseat.  You don't want to get into your carseat when you have been walked to the car and the car is OUTSIDE, you want to STAY outside... You have perfected a great backbend type thing that prevents me from strapping you in... What do I do you say?  I spank your little leg very gently and you come unglued.  Bless you, we will get through this.. :) 
  • ON THE GO. You don’t slow down often. You run everywhere, and you pride yourself on not being caught by MAMA bear. I have to be very careful with you at playgrounds because you want to do everything the big kids do. You love to be chased, and to chase us in return.!
    • COUCH POTATO. Yep, you love TV. Current favorites are the Wiggles, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Dora.  

    • CHATTY. Your picking up more and more words since your surgery.. It has helped so much PTL... You said PawPaw yesterday, you love him so much.  You also say alot of gibbering that I know means something to you, but I have no clue.. You get frustrated when I don't understand. 
    • WATER BABY. Oh, do you adore water.. You have no fear and the bathtub is one of your favorite places. You ever try to put your face in the water, too. I couldn't find you the other day and was about frantic..  You usually like to go in the bathroom and play in the toliet (yeah, we are working on this 2), but this day you had climbed in the tub with your shoes on and was rolling your train in the tub, LoL.   You can't enjoy the water as much right now and haven't for a few weeks bc of your ears.  We have to be more careful now, due to your tubes..

    • ATTACHED. You’re very attached to us and you DO NOT LIKE when we walk away from you. If I should leave you for two minutes to perhaps use the bathroom, without inviting you to come with me, you will cry and scream. I am looking forward to the end of this particular phase, as I would very much like to pee in peace. Heh.  You love to grab my finger and "show" me stuff.  You love to show me photographs of people that you love.

    • POTTY TIME.   You’re showing a lot of signs that you are ready to train... You wake up dry most days and take your diaper off when you pee or poop in it.. Gross.. I am showing you the potty and sitting you on it.  Really we are just talking about it and getting you aquainted.  I will be happy about this :)

    • TEETHING. We are anticipating the arrival of your four cuspids (canine teeth) any day now. This round of teething has been tough. It makes you cranky and I can’t wait for those cursed demon teeth to break through!
    • BOOKWORM. About the only time you seem to settle down and slow down is with books. You’ll sit and look at the pictures and it occupies you for quite a while! I love that you’re a reader.
    • MUSIC. You still love your music! You adore singing, especially “Happy Birthday.”  You love for me to turn the music up in the car and you hum alone.  Precious. You also like the Wheels on the Bus and you love for me to act like I am the baby crying.

    • .Trains. You love your trains and bring them for me to attach 100 times a day.  You love pushing them on the floor and on the bed. 

    I love you sweet, innocent baby boy... You are quite literally my life and always will be.  You have brought the meaning of the word love to my heart.  Oh sweet baby, stop growing so fast.  You make me want to cry when I think of how big your getting.  
    Love, Mama

Friday, September 23, 2011

Back from a Blogging Vacation

Well you guys, I am back!!! I took a little break from blog land to kind of relax and get re-motivated to capture our memories. I have so much to share! Landon is now 16 months old and growing like crazy... we are caught up on all our shots now (we did the alternative method and only gave one and sometimes two shots at a time). Landon was having recurring ear infections that never cleared up and lots of problems with his ears, so we or let me say I, took matters into my own hands and we have had surgery this week on his adenoids and tubes put in. I noticed that Lan would hold his ears, shake his head, and not hear some things that I said to him so I started reading up on what might be causing this. I had been back and forth to see Dr. Moore about 7 or 8 times and she kept putting off seeing a specialist and kept giving antibodic after antibodic and it was really driving me crazy. So finally I told her, I knew there was a problem and I wanted referred to Dr. Castillo that day. She said she understood and we were there within the week. Now how hard was that??????/ He noticed some hearing problems, balance problems, and overall knew that surgery needed to be done. He told me that all of this is probably a result of the RSV that Landon had around 5 or 6 months ago... Wow, that was a shocker, didn't realize that could cause this. After the surgery, he told me his hearing would be restored fully and things should be much better around the Wilson household. Bless Landon's heart, he was falling all the time and I noticed that his letters and sounds were not sounding like they should and by the day after the surgery, I noticed a major improvement of sounds and balance... He is the most precious little boy in the whole world, I know I am biased, but really he is so sweet ;) He comes up to me and hugs me around the neck and opens his mouth in a big O and gives me juicy sugar.. Oh how I love that sugar. He wants me to rock rock when he is sleepy and comes to me with his blanket and grins up at me and wants me to whisper secrets to him... I have bought him a train table this week, for his love of trains and he LOVES it. I also built him a tent, where he can hide... He wanted to hide under my chair in the bedroom and it was really small, so I knew he would love it and he did! Today, I missed him and he had went in the bathroom, climbed in the tub with his shoes on and was playing with his trains in the tub... STINKER.. Well, I am tired of typing tonight. I will catch you up some more later. LOVE YA..

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A note from Mommy 14 Months

I didn't get to finish my last post and I am just now getting around to writing it, we have been so busy, time flies when your having fun.  Things that you like to say are:  Oh yeah, water, bottle, mama, dada, Granna, love you and some more that I haven't figured out what you are saying yet. I have enjoyed watching you grow SO much, it is something different everyday and I am trying to soak it all in, you have a sweet personality and you are always on the go.  You love your toys and have recently been bringing me books for me to read to you. Your favorite toys would be any type of train and you love watching Thomas!   You love to get into the entertainment center and scatter your dvds all aroud!  We are working on this ;)
While we are rocking at night you sing with me (I think this is to help you stay awake, but it is so sweet.  You also like to play with my ear.
You are Mr. Independent and would like to do things on your own...sometimes that is good, but sometimes no... All I know is that I love you SO much little buddy, you are the best thing ever!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mom's note to you! 14 Months...

A toddler is like the beginning of all things- wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.   I truly believe that twenty years from now I will be more disappointed by the things I didn't do than by the ones you did do. So I try to let you dream, discover, and explore.  I try so hard to let you explore, I know that a perfect summer day to a little boy means, a scrape on the knee, mud on his face and collecting bugs in garden, but mama is still worried all the time :) I get sad sometimes when you go to sleep at night, because I know you will be a day older and one step closer to growing into a big boy...  You make my world worth living sweet boy and I am always excited to see what the next day brings :)  Don't get me wrong, we have some hard days, when I am tired and you are tired and we all need a nap :) Sometimes I catch myself wanting to make you the best person you can be, and I really just need to enjoy the time we are spending together.  Every moment doesn't have to be a learning moment, just as long as we are together and I am getting my cuddling in!  You have taught me many things since you have been born; unconditional love, patience, and understanding.  I am so excited to share all kinds of fun memories with you sweet guy!  I am going to make another post for all your accomplishments and things you like to do :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dentist, Yuck

Well, I had been having some trouble with my tooth for a while now.  I went to Tamsy about 6 mos ago with it hurting some (just when I bite on something hard) and she sent me to Dr. Smith the root canal guy.  He told me he wasn't for sure what it was, but it might be from internal decomposition.. He told me to come back in 2 weeks, blahhh... I didn't want a root canal so I didn't go back :(  Well, I went in for my cleaning today and the spot has grown (it is very uncommon) and if I don't get it fixed it might break off!  Wow, that got me moving, the next step would be a bridge and there is know telling how much that would cost, blah.  So hopefully they can save my tooth with the canal.  I don't like people in my mouth.  I have had perfect teeth ever since I was small, no cavities or anything, you don't realize how wonderful that is until something like this happens.  I don't like people in my mouth, but I want to save my tooth, so I head back to Dr. Smith next week.  Wish me luck!  The extra $400 doesn't make me happy either, I could find lots of stuff I would rather spend it on!  It could abscess 2, and that wouldn't be good.  I highly reccomend Dr. Tamsy at Coker Family Dentistry, she is SO nice, and if you don't need something she won't try to make you think you do.  I really like that.  My friend Lauren works there and she can set you up an appointment if you are looking for a nice family dentist. They say the internal decomposition results from a trauma from the tooth or your teeth moving at a fast pace, they think it might have been from my braces??? I don't know, the lady said she has only saw it once in 17 years (great)... Well, anyway... if you see me toothless you know I ran out of money, LOL... I told Toph I would get me a flipper like on Toddler and Tiaras, he thought that was hilarious.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just another Lazy summer day!

Toph, Landon and I have had a relaxing weekend at home this weekend.  It was so nice to be home with nothing to do, but exactly what we want to!  We don't have many of those here lately.  Nae came and kept Landon for me on Friday and I took a day out for myself.  It was so nice, mani/pedi, a few errands, and just a little window shopping.  I worked in the yard after it cooled off some that afternoon and just pittled around, yes pittled, I don't know how you spell it or if it is even a word, lol.  We have swam all day today and I look like a lobster... I must have needed 70 proof like Lan Man.  He loves the pool, and when I say love I mean he is in HEAVEN when we swim.  I think it is so crazy that I have a one year old that wants to run as fast as he can and jump in the pool (over and over).  He would love to get on the diving board, but I draw the line there.  He gets up there and starts jumping and I have to say NO NO Landon.  He tries me about 3 times and then he just collapses, bc he knows I have won ;)  Go mom, lol.  We start our official lessons next week and I am excited to see what he learns and how to go about teaching him.  He is fearless.  I make him wear his swimsuit life jacket thing and he hates putting it on, but it makes me feel better.  It gives me time to get to him when he starts barrelling toward the side to jump.  He likes to get stuff and throw it in and then jump to get it.  We are going to put up my storm door 2morrow and get a few other chores done and chalk up our weekend to pretty successful :) 

Friday, July 8, 2011

A baby is an angel whose wings decrease while his legs increase

I am more in love every day with this sweet little child.  Oh my goodness, he melts my heart when I see those little teeth shining when he grins at me.  Don't get me wrong, we have our moments when we are seeing who's will is the strongest, MINE!!!  He doesn't like the word no, but I don't think I have ever cared for it much either, lol.... He forgets so easily and wants to curl up in my arms when he thinks I am mad at him, he might know how to butter me up already ;)  We had a wonderful Independence Day with my family.  Landon loved the fireworks show at Athens High School.  We went to the Early Works Museum today in Huntsville and Landon wanted to stay so bad.  He loved the ducks so much!  I got my photos of our family back from HMP and I love them.  I will treasure them always!    

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3rd night away...

Alright, I had my day at the beach and now I want to see my baby!  Me and Toph arrived in Wrightsville Beach yesterday.  We took two days to make the trip and I am so glad.  It was a long drive and neither of us are that great at navigating, lol.  We had our GPS and a map this time so we did a little better.  We have been having a good time.  We stopped in Florence, SC the first night and stayed at the prestigious Howard Johnson, the Ho Jo was a little shady to say the least, but it was only 45$, I didn't expect the Ritz Carlton.  But when we got in there the sign on the door said "Attention: look out the peep hole before allowing anyone to enter" and had 2 big locks.  SCARY, but I was too tired to care much.  We woke up on Sunday and only had to drive about 2 hrs and that was nice.  We got here and checked in and had a little beach time.  Today, Toph went to his conference and he said it was as boring as watching paint dry, lol.  He said they were having a dinner after the conference, but when he got back at the end of the day, he said the last thing he wanted to do was hang out with all of them at night too!  I felt a little guilty while I layed on the beach and enjoyed the pool.  I read an entire Jodi Piccoult book, Sing You Home, I don't know why I keep buying her books.  They are always about sensitive subjects, sometimes I don't agree with all her ideas, but she opens your eyes to subjects people would rather not think about... Next on my list is the new Nora, I can always relax to some Nora.  :)  Oh me, I am so boring.  We went to eat at a place called Oceanic, it was really good and I had some good ole fried shrimp and oysters.. MY FAV.  I enjoyed the ocean breeze and some good food.  I miss my little guy so much, we have Skyped and that helps.  I know I will be better for taking a little time to unwind and getting to spend a little quality time with Tdaddy.  Sometimes you get wrapped up in everyday and don't give your marriage enough time and energy.  I am thankful for being able to take this time to relax with him a little and find out I can still be a good wife and be "the unstressed me".  I will be a better mother for it, and I know my little guy is being spoiled as we speak.  He has some wonderful grandparents on both sides that love him as much as we do.  I am a blessed person and thank God for all the many blessings He has given me.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sweet Summer Time

I LOVE summer.  We have been having so much fun swimming and playing in the sprinklers.  This is the best time of year in my opinion, I know it's hot, but I love it!  Landon cries to go outside and when we come in, he starts crying bc he wants to stay out.  He freakin' loves it, lol.  I have got him in the pool  everyday for about 3 weeks.  I can tell he is improving every time.  He is fearless, which scares me, but I guess that is good for learning.  We start our official swimming lessons in July, but I have been using a few books to help me teach him a few things.  He loves to come to the side and jump off into my hands.  One things for sure it wears him out and he is so tired when he gets through.  He usually takes around a 3 hour nap after swimming. 
Me and Toph are going to Wrightsville Beach, NC next week and I am excited to go, but I know I will miss my baby.  It is a work trip and we knew he couldn't ride for 12 hours so it will be our 1st time to leave him that many days.  :(  I am excited to get to spend some time with T-daddy though, we didn't do anything for our anniversary and this is kind of gonna be our anniversary trip :)  We were married 2 years on June 20th... We have had such a busy 2 years.  We had Landon 10 months and 10 days after we got married, lol....  It will be nice to enjoy each other for a few days.  I plan on eating lots of seafood and laying in the pool the majority of the time. :)  Toph will be gone during the day, and he said, "what are you gonna do all day?"  I told him not to worry about me, I'm sure I could manage, lol.  I have never been to this beach, but I'm excited to see it.  We are staying at the Holiday Inn Resort and it looks nice, so we will see :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Note from Mom, your 13 Months Old!

You just passed your first year and went on into the 13 month of your life Landon!  I have kept you alive, lol, for 13 months... I'm just kidding with you Landon, you are a good baby boy.  Your personality is so bubbly and everyone wants to stop and see you in the store because you smile at them so much!  You are fun just to sit and watch what you do, you are really funny..  You smile and laugh the most when your outside, you LOVE outside.  You know we are getting ready to go somewhere when I put your shoes on and start waving saying bye bye and out... Out kinda sounds like Owt,  You love to talk on the phone and when it rings you think you need to answer it and talk.  You love the pool and want to drop things off in it and then go get them, so I stay in the pool, you throw, I get you, and we go and get whatever it is you have thrown that time.  You like to find the lawnmower and try to crawl up on it, bc you know I let you ride that ONE time :)  Your favorite toys are your Thomas the Tank push toy, Thomas Book that makes noises, and your horse.  You try to feed pooh your bottle and then you put Pooh on the horse and try to drive him around.  You like climbing WAY 2 much, you want to climb up any step you see.  You climb up on top of the fireplace and sit there and watch TV.

Your favorite TV Station is Sprout.
Your favorite  shows are dirtgirlworld, Thomas, and Nina and Star
You take a morning nap and afternoon nap most of the time for about 2 hrs. each
You still drink your bottle, but we are cutting back on them
You like Apple juice
Your fav food is mac and cheese
You have around 8 or 9 teeth
Your hair is getting thicker and ligher
Your body is looking more like a little toddler, this makes me happy and sad :)
You love to drop things through any kind of hole you can find, especially my TV stand
You have been dancing up a storm and singing (your version) when songs and music come on.
You say dada, mama, out, hello, and some more stuff that I haven't really figured out yet.
You don't like to get your diaper changed, but we are working on that
You usually wake around 7
When we say cheese you smile really big

As the months go by you bring joy to my heart and continue to amaze me with all the stuff that babies do.  You will always be my baby boy even when you get old...  You are my heart Landon Jacob Wilson and I sure hope you think I have done a good job with you one day. 

Love you sweet boy...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

my bestest friend is comping to meet Lan Lan for the first time!!!!  Pimp Mama D!!!!  I dont know what we are going to do, but I am excited to see my long last friend

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

28 isn't so bad!

headed to eat some shrimp!

what my living room looks like at the end of the day!

Landon's fav book

he likes to put the letters in the koozies

fav toy


I have had a wonderful birthday!  Landon and I chilled out at the house and played today and then when Toph got home we went to eat at Red Lobster with my parents.  It was a great day and it has been the best year yet of my 28 here on Earth!  Now, I am trying out my new computer, that has an ENTER button, yipee!  Toph is on the old one, lol... Bless him, it is zebra, but he is watching about Auburn going to see Obama so he can suffer.  I'm watching some Lamar and Khloe and he loves my show just as much as I love his, lol :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What a splashin' good time

Mom, Lexi and I took Lan Man for some shopping, food, and splash fun today in Tuscumbia.  What a wonderful day... Landon was such a good boy today and enjoyed his day so much.  We went to a few stores downtown and then went over to the park to let him try out the splash pad.  Total success!  He loved it and went around that place like he was around five.  Lexi and I went in with him and I found two little kids that liked me very much, they didn't leave my side, Landon on the other hand was everywhere and didn't want his mama stomping around after him.  He is Mr. Independent.  Some kid touched his belly, which was stuffed from Frank's Italian, and he looked at him like, "Dude, don't touch this belly."  It was hilarious!  Then we went on over and let him ride the carousel, and he grabbed that horse like he had ridden one for years.  Such a big boy :)  I am so tired, we did some swim stuff when we got home and he loves it.  I bought a book called Water Babies and it gives you some tips on how to teach them to swim.  He loves to jump off the side and throw rocks in the pool!  Stinker. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Photo Book

Click here to view this photo book larger

It is SO hot outside!

I am sitting here on the bed after going out to get the mail and I am sweating!  Oh my goodness, it is so hot... I think it is supposed to be 101 tomorrow!  How am I gonna survive this heat with a toddler?  I don't think the heat used to bother me as bad, but now, I have to catch my breath and sit down for a minute if I carry Landon anywhere.  Zumba I need you or something, oh wait maybe just a little Aquafina ;)  I'm waiting on Toph to come home and we are headed to MS for our friends Mark and Paige's wedding.  I'm excited for the new couple and a little wedding fun.  Mom and dad are keeping Landon and he was excited for a weekend with Granna and G-dad.  I will miss you sweet boy...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our T-daddy is 31!

I love my husband so much, he is the sweetest, kindest, and most generous person I have ever met.  He works so hard for us and we love him and appreciate him more than he could ever know.  He turned 31 today!  He had to work a 12 hr. shift at work, bc one of TVA's units is still down or something.  But, he was in a good mood and walked into a surprise party!  It was so sweet, I even saw tears in his eyes and that made me want to just bust out crying.  I love him to death!  Landon loved it too, he wanted to play with the balloons, and wanted his daddy to wear his birthday hat. :)  Me and Landon got him a Polo shirt that he had been wanting, and he really liked it.  And, he LOVED his ice-cream cake bc that is his fav.  Mom and Dad helped cook him a meal and then we all just hung out and played with the main man, Landon of course ;)