Friday, January 29, 2010

Cold, Icy Storm

Hello from my warm cozy bed!  It is so cold outside.  We have had slushy icy rain all day long.  Cash, Toph and I have been hanging inside the house today, because of the weather.  Me and Cash went outside for him to potty and I wore about 6 layers and Toph's work boots.  He is at home today, because he had to work an outage at Wise for the past two nights.  He has slept most of the day, but got up to eat the supper I cooked.  I have to brag on myself, because I never cook.  Tonight I cooked dirty rice, mac n cheese, corn and other good stuff.  It was pretty good, if I don't have a frig stocked with non-cook-able items I think I don't have food.  I didn't ever used to worry about what we would eat before I was pregnant, it was kinda like whatever you get in the kitchen is what you ate.  Now I am hungrier and my stomach starts rumbling if I don't eat ever so often.
Last night me and mom went to see Lauren's baby at Crestwood.  He was perfect and Lauren looked great.  He didn't make any noise except when he got changed and then they swaddled him so tight and he loved it and was looking at us!  He pooted on me and I told Lauren it was because he loved me!  It made me so ready to hold my little man.  I am hoping that Carter and Landon will be best of friends, being so close in age and probably will attend the same school.  Holding him made me want to finish my nursery and get things moving along!  I don't want to rush my baby to be here though, because he needs to roast in the belly til he wants to come into the big bad world.  I was talking to Toph about golf lessons for him and he told me we might need to wait and see if he even likes golf! I don't want to push him into doing anything he doesn't want to do, but I just get carried away thinking of all the fun we will have. Papa Bill and Toph will help him out if he wants to do some golfing!   Toph talked to him and told him he was getting ready for him and he was gonna be super cool, lol.  I love being pregnant and have enjoyed this time more than anything. Mom and I have been picking up little things for him (clothes mostly) and I lay and think about what I want him to wear at the hospital and coming home, it is so much fun to prepare for his arrival. 

Daddy Toph will be going on his last man trip with the boys tomorrow if the weather permits, I am glad he gonna go spend some time with his buddies, but I will miss him.  Pray that he is safe in the weather.  I am going to my friend and cousins baby shower, Sunni Isabella Slaton on Sunday.  I am sure that Landon and Sunni will be friends too!  I go to the doctor on Feb. 11th @ 3 and will be getting my ultrasound that you can video.  He will officially tell me the sex and check his development for any abnormalities.  I have a sense of apprehension about this appointment, because I want him to be a happy healthy baby.  I know I will love him no matter what the Lord bestows upon us, but I have faith that He will give me and Toph what we can handle.  Children are God's reward and I am THANKFUL for all his many blessings.  So stay tuned for his development video, I will upload it!  I also will have to decide on the hospital that I would like to use.  Crestwood or Huntsville, I have pros and cons for each and any comments or suggestions would be apreciated.  Only 111 days to go, Yipee~!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nursery Preparation and First HARD kick

So, I felt my first very hard kick on Thursday 1-17-2010.  I was laying on my stomach typing on the computer and felt something that scared me!  It was a hard kick and Toph said that it was Landon trying to tell me to get off of him... Poor guy, lol.  I have felt rumbling and bubbles in my stomach, but not something that hard.  It was neat and I was glad he is getting bigger.  Today, dad and mom came over and helped me and Toph clean out all my stuff from the nursery.  We had previously used that room as a office and had all kinds of papers and computer stuff in there.  It took us a while to get it all out and find new homes for my pieces.  We moved my desk into our room and the love-seat into the living room.  Toph moved his stuff into the spare bedroom and we made his closet.  We are going to paint and put crown molding up soon.  We are gradually getting things together and 8 hands are so much better than 2.  I am going to post some before pics where I can see how far the nursery has come when we finish.  :)   We also finished his letters that we made for his room this week. 

This is a picture I kept of the pregnancy test...

My Belly Week 22

Daddy and son jerseys


Moved my desk

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Doctor Check-up

Yesterday, mom and I went to the doctor for my monthly visit.  It had actually been 5 weeks instead of 4, because I had to delay my appointment where mom could go and then the snow.  Well, we finally made it at 10:30 this morning.  I usually get nervous, but I wasn't this morning.  I felt good and was excited to hear little man's heartbeat.  I got there and it was crowded, but I went back fairly quick.  I did the usual, pee in a cup and then take the dreaded weight.  I had gained 4 lbs.  I had a new nurse and she was alot better than the last, she found the heartbeat first thing.  It was 152 beats per minute and sounding strong.  My blood pressure was good, it was 112/85.  The bottom number was elevated some, just because I was at the Dr.  He came in and told me I was "looking great for a pregnant lady" and that made me feel better!  He said "I bet you are getting excited to find out what it is, are you wanting to know" and I giggled and said SURE!  I didn't let him in our little peek at  After we left we went to some stores in Huntsville, I got my bedding today at "All About Baby"  and bought him his first teddy bear.  We went with the blue minky dot with brown and green accessories.  I am excited to see the nursery unfold, we have a lot of ideas for it.  It is way to cold to work on it now and am hoping that Papa Bill and Toph helps me move my stuff when it warms up a little.  We had a great day, and are excited because we get to see him again next time~ :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Girls Day Out

Today was an awesome day.  Me and my buddy Lauren Richardson went to the Marriott to have a prenatal massage.  It was so relaxing and felt great.  We went to the relaxation room before and caught up on some G.  I had a man and she had a woman, but we did them together in the same room.  Lauren only has 3 weeks left and she hasn't been sleeping, so she needed it.  I just went because I love getting rubbed and Toph only does it for like 2 minutes and he's tired!  I felt sorry for him  though, because he had to work 12 hrs. today in the cold, bless him... He had some good news today, but I will talk about that later when I have more details.  Before we went to the Marriott, we went shopping and I bought Landon his first outfit, from me!  His Granna B has already bought him some, but I just had to have this one!  I also set up his newborn pics today, she likes for you to book them 6 months in advance.  So he goes for his debut photography session on June 7th.  I think that will be the best birthday present ever for me, because my bday is the next day!  We also set up his 3, 6, 9, and year sessions too... I guess my house will be a shrine, like my mom's was.  We went with Heather Mitchell Photography.  She does a lot of my friends baby's and Heather's mom did Home Interior with B back in the day. I love her work.  Today has been a fun filled day, me and Lauren will be starting a new chapter in our lives soon and probably won't have as much time to relax and G on girls day, so I am glad we got the chance to to do it.  I am adding some pics of his new outfit and my belly this week..


Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 fingers, 10 toes, what my baby is??? No one knows!

Since my doctor wouldn't be telling me what the baby was for some time, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I asked my friend Brandi Phillips at Crockett Hospital to do an ultrasound for me.  She was happy to, so Nana Nae (Tophs' mom), Toph, and I headed to Lawrenceburg...  We were so excited.  Toph and I wanted a baby boy, but just because all we have are girls, I was not gonna be disappointed either way.  Nana Nae I think wanted a girl.  Well, 2 Dr. Peppers later I was getting my ultrasound and the first thing I saw was my baby bouncing around EVERYWHERE!  Toph thinks he will act like me since he was so active, lol, Toph likes to lounge around.  Then I saw something between his legs, a turtle!!!!  It was a baby boy, I think his daddy about passed out.  He was in shock, we wanted a boy, but we just didn't think it would happen!  The whole day he said "a boy, a boy, a boy, over and over".  Wow, I had done BIG!!!  I think he loved me more than anything that day, lol.  He started talking about all the stuff they would do and stuff he would need to buy him.  It was the sweetest thing ever, he was ready for him to be there that day, I think.  We went out to eat to celebrate and had to call everybody we knew and let them know...  Mom about had a stroke she was so excited.  It was one of the best days of my life and I will never forget the feeling. 
Here are some pics of my big boy, Landon Jacob Wilson.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm waiting on the window man to get here to show us some new windows.  We rushed home from the Olive Garden and Wal-mart b/c he was supposed to be here at 7:30, and then he called and said he wouldn't be making it til 8:30.  Anyway, back to the pregnancy talk.  I went to the doctor again at 13 weeks, and got another picture of it.  We still didn't know what it was at the time.  It looked like it had grown so much since the last time, you could see the arms and legs this time.  Toph got to see it and he was in shock how much it had grown since the last visit.  I had high blood pressure before I was pregnant and already took medication for it.  It was still running a little high, but I think that is just because I was nervous and at the doctor.  The next time I went back to the Dr. was 4 weeks ago.  He didn't do an ultrasound he just checked the heartbeat.  It was 158.  The lady scared me to death, because it took her so long to find it.  Granted, I don't like her 2 much anymore, because she wasn't very friendly and didn't try to say anything encouraging!  Anyway, I left the doctor and was kind of sad because he wasn't gonna check the gender of the baby the next time either, so that would have made me 24 weeks before I knew!  Those that know me, knew this was not an option...  Here are some pics from one of my appointments and when I got to see him last time..


Doctor, Doctor... Where are you?

The doctor issue started when I couldn't get in to my regular OBGYN in Florence last year.  I decided to look around. I went to my family practicioner in Huntsville and asked him to reccomend someone.  He told me about Dr. Fiore upstairs, so I decided to try him out.  He was so nice and I loved him, this was in August.  So about 20 pregnancy tests later I went to see him again in Sept.  This is when I officially found out I was preggo!  I was about 7 weeks.  Come to find out since I had JUST been, I didn't even have to have the normal work up he usually does!  I heard the heartbeat the first time I went at 7 weeks, it was the most amazing sound.  I can't believe something that small already has a heartbeat!  He talked alot about what was to come and what we would do next time and things like that.  Toph didn't get to come with me because he had took almost all his vacay days with our wedding and honeymoon... The pic of Landon looked like a little bitty snowman!  It was so neat.  I still didn't really feel pregnant, I just had to pee alot!  I will share some pics from the very first time I saw my baby.

The start of a new adventure...

Well guys, as you may already know, I am a stay at home wife and pregnant with my first baby.  I spend alot of my time at home and on my computer, taking classes for my EdS and farming of course.  I love technology and went to school to become a Business Education teacher.  I am gonna wait til I have my baby to look for a job, and they are pretty hard to come by these days.  I intially went to school to become a counselor, so I got a psychology degree, then I decided to go back and get my teaching degree. For now, I am happy at home for the time being.  My husband, Chris, works at Alliance Automation as an electrial engineer, and we are blessed that he has a good job to support us!  We just got married in June, and got pregnant in August.  No one can say we weren't on top of our game!  We weren't planning for a baby this soon, but we are so excited for our little boy to get here!  We are gonna name him Landon Jacob Wilson, his Daddy wants to call him LJ.  After I found out I was preggo, I have looked back on my life and decided that it was a true blessing to create a life with someone I love.  I felt lacking in areas of my life and was never content with anything.  Now, I feel so full of life and have a sense of contentment that I have never experienced before.  God had a plan for me, I just didn't know it!  I created this blog, to keep up with my pregnancy and how I am feeling about life in general.  I love to document memories and hope one day Landon can look back and see how much his mama already loved him, even before he was born.  I am 21 weeks this week.