Monday, August 30, 2010

Granna B's 50!

Today was my sweet, sweet mama's 50th birthday.  She is the best mother in the whole entire world.  She is my best friend.  She is such a loving, caring, christian person.  She puts everyone's needs before her own and has such a good heart.  I hope to someday be the mother that she is.  I have had a great example to learn from and to look up to.  I don't know what I would do without her, she takes care of me and helps me out so much.  Mom can bring me comfort when no one else can, she is my rock.  Over the years, it hasn't mattered how bad I have messed up, what trouble I got myself into, or what was troubling me... she is always there.  The most comforting feeling is to know that she will always be there for me, know matter what happens.  I am so blessed to have someone like her in my life.  I don't know what I would do without my mama.  There really aren't any words to describe the love I have for her.  We enjoyed a quite day at home with Landon and some Stanfield's and cake with G-daddy and Toph this afternoon.  I hope she had a great day.  She just gets better with age!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day to Day

I have been cleaning house today, whew!  It can get so dirty, so quickly.  It is a never ending thing, but I am thankful to have a house to clean and tend to.  I am going to admit it gets kind of overwhelming when you have a baby in your life and you try to get everything done.  I always liked to keep my house clean, yard mowed, pool clean, garage swept, decorate.. that sort of thing.  A lot of that is pushed to the side with baby boy.  I know a lot of people do a lot more than me on a day to day basis, and I totally respect them.  If I had a 40 hour a week job, I guess we would just have to live in a dirty house.  Well, I might just have to have it hired out if I worked, lol.  We have an older home, around 18 years old, and we have lots of repairs coming up.. We need new doors, new windows... (those are the must haves) I would like to put in new floors and update the kitchen.  I don't know for sure how long we are going to be in this house, but if we stay, we are going to have lots of work to do.  We have a pool and it really worries me about Landon drowning or something, you just never know.  That would be another reason we would move.  It is such a bad time to to sell, so I foresee that we will be here for a few more years.  I have been debating on going BACK to school to get my elementary teaching certificate.  I have business ed now and I just don't see myself getting a job with that anytime soon.  I love kids and I really loved working with all the K-6 at Lexington.  So we shall see if I want to invest in some more classes.  I like to go to school is the weird part, it makes me happy to learn!  I for sure don't want to go back right now to work, but when Landon gets a little older I would like to teach.  I could probably get a lot of my classes online, but having to pay for the classes is not any fun at all!  All good things come to those who wait, so I am waiting.. :)  I have a precious baby Landon, a super husband and that is all I need right now.  The other stuff can wait til things calm down a little.  :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

3 Month Photos

So we went for Landon's three month pictures today.  It takes a lot of time to prepare for these things, that's for sure.  Ever since the last pics any outfit you see you always ask yourself "wonder if Landon needs that outfit for his pics"?  It is also a way to justify buying things he doesn't actually need.  So we ended up with more outfits than he wore, but that's okay, because he looks cute in them all.  We got up this morning and we already had to start preparing for the pics at 2:30.... everything takes longer with a baby :)  I got my picture taken with Landon so it took me a little longer this morning too.  I wish Toph would have got to have his done with us for a family photo, but it is hard to work around his work schedule, so we are going to try next time.  We got there and had to wait a little while so mama was taking some pics with her phone.  His first outfit was a white smocked outfit.  He was in a cradle and did not want to lay down, he thinks he is so big, lol.  Finally we got some shots.  Then we had to more outfits and a tummy pic.  Overall, it was a great session.  I know that I will really love and treasure these one day.

Monday, August 23, 2010

What You Are Doing Now

Hey Guys, sorry it has been so long since an update, but I broke my Verizon USB stick during the beach trip.  It should be here tomorrow and I will be back in business.  Landon is getting so big!  He is doing so much more now.  It is a full time job being mom, but I know it gets a lot busier. 
So what am I doing now Mommy?
You are kicking your legs like crazy.  You love to lay in the floor on a pillow and have someone talk to you.  You look up and grin like crazy and if we aren't saying anything you are looking at us like "okay talk to me some more".  You are grabbing things that we put in front of you.  You grab your toys on the bouncer and you play with the toys we put on the Bumbo tray.  You laughed out at MawMaw when she clapped her hands and have been talking and cooing at us for a while.  You think you are too big to lay down in our arms anymore you want to sit up.  You like to watch TV and will sit there for about an hour. 
What size to I wear?
You wear a size 2 diaper.  You wear 6-9 month clothes.  Your little tootsies get cold so we put socks on you.  You hardly wear the same outfit twice, but you like to sleep in your t-shirts at night. 
Where do I sleep?
You sleep in the pack n play at night when you go to bed, but most of the time you end up in the bed with mommy in the morning.  You go to bed about 8:30 and sleep til about 3:30, but you go back to sleep after a bottle. 
How much milk do I want?
You are a very hungry boy, you are drinking about 6 ounces every three to four hours and have cereal in your bottle about twice a day. 

Little man, we fall in love with you more and more every day.  You are the best thing that has ever happened to us, we don't know what we did before you were here.  You are the center of our lives and we wouldn't want it any other way.  We want the very best for you and would do anything in the world for you.  You are forming your thoughts about people and if you like them or not, your not to crazy about people you don't know or that you don't get to see much.  I hope you like everyone and are not shy.  Your grin melts my heart.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back at home safe and sound...

We made it home safely from the beach, Yay!!!  We had a fabulous time.  We are happy to be at home, but I know Landon is going to miss all the attention of a certain pair of grandparents.  He traveled really well coming home, he is in love with is new Aubie and stares at him.  He is probably pretty spoiled, because he has had someone talking and playing with him all the time, but who cares!  I believe you have a baby to enjoy and play with.  I get frustrated with people saying "you need to put him down, he is going to get used to that".  I want to hold my baby, cuddle my baby, and show him all the attention I want to.  God gave me this precious angel and he could take him away at any moment.  Savor.  Enjoy.  Love every minute you spend with them, because one day he or she will be grown and you will miss having them to hold and cuddle on.  I also have been thinking a lot lately about parents that refer to a book about raising there little one, that is great and it is good to be informed, but parenting doesn't come in an instruction manual.  It comes from you and your babies needs... what makes him happy, what soothes him, what makes him feel better when he isn't feeling his best.  Babies are little people that need almost constant care, love, and attention. It doesn't matter if they have the "best" of everything, material things don't really matter... what matters most is them knowing that you love them, support them, and know you are not going to leave them one day. It is fine to buy them stuff, but it won't be material things that stick in there heart and minds. The best way for a baby to learn what to do and how to act in life is by becoming the best person you can possibly be and setting an example for them.  How do you expect for children to grow up becoming quality people if you yourself lie, cheat, steal, do drugs, etc.  Be a role model.  What you need isn't in a book, you just need a lot of love and courage.  Be thankful for what you have and cherish every moment.  I love Landon so much and I hope that one day he knows how much I love him.  He is my life, my love, and my future.  It is a lot easier to be a parent that doesn't care, but don't expect much in return.  Be an encourager, not discouraging.   Sure I'm going to make mistakes, but it's not going to be because I didn't try to do the very best I can do.

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.  Proverbs 22:6

“Children desperately need to know - and to hear in ways they understand and remember - that they're loved and valued by mom and dad”

“If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much.”

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Landon's First Beach Trip

We have had a blast on our trip to Orange Beach!  This was Landon's first trip to the beach and a well needed vacation from the ends and outs of everyday life.  He was a great riding partner. We traveled at night so he slept the whole way down.  We were kind of worried about the weather and the oil, but it turned out to be beautiful.  We went to the beach, swam in the pool, shopped, and hung out in the room.  It was so relaxing and little man is being spoiled beyond belief.  He is always getting talked to or held, and he loves it.  We got a visit from Uncle Ben and went out with him a few times, it was great to get to see him.  We love the outlet mall and got some good deals while browsing all the shops.  Landon always ends up with something from every store, because it is so much fun buying for him.  Mama bear doesn't shop much for herself anymore.  G-daddy bought him his very first build a bear which was actually a tiger.  We named him Landon's Aubie, he has a sound that says "I'm cool, let's hang out, and a few more sayings.  I loved kissing the heart and making a wish for Landon.  It was a lot of fun and I can't wait til he can build one by himself.  I've got my fill of seafood for a while and I am ready to get back into my cozy bed, but I have had a GREAT time.  Mom and dad have been enjoying Landon so much..  He grins every time you even look at him and is "talking" to us all the time.  Every time I look into those big blue eyes I thank God for sending me a perfect angel from above.  I love everything about this little one, the big stuff and even the little stuff:  holding him, waking up to a smiling face, his drool, his milk breath, changing dirty diapers, sucking his little nose, feeding him,  wrapping him up and so many more things but it would take forever!  He has been such a blessing to all our family. He's the best in the the whole WORLD :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Almost 3 months

Well, we have a had a busy week this week.  We had our 2nd round of shots since we opted not to take them all at once.  He didn't do as well as the first round, but he didn't get sick or anything, so that is good.  We took him to Target when we finished and looked around and he was smiling and laughing.  We went and visited our families Friday and Saturday.  We all got in the pool at our house Sat. afternoon and Landon loved it, he looked so relaxed.  I hope he enjoys it at the beach as much as he does at home.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daddy & Landon Time

Daddy and Landon Time ='s Mommy Time!!
Today, I got out by myself for a few hours.  I didn't do anything fun, but it felt good to get out on the town for a little while.  I went and got my driver's license renewed, I had to update my married information, so I had to walk across the street to get my marriage certificate.  It feels like you always need something else when you go to the courthouse.  I got that taken care of and went to Hibbetts and Wally World.  I don't spend near as much money as I used to because I can't go to Walmart for long periods of time, and when I do go, I don't take my time to go down every aisle so therefore I don't spend as much.  It is now get it and go, I can't say I don't miss that sometimes though!  I do a lot more shopping online, but I hate having to pay shipping, that is the only part I don't love!  I got some new kicks at Hibbetts, so I don't have any excuse not to walk now either.  Landon had lots of fun when we got home, seeing all his cousins, they go back to school on Monday.  We have a busy week ahead... I have a few appointments to go to and Landon has to go back and get some more shots.  Next week I will be basking in the sun and have my toes in water down in Orange Beach.  I am ready for a little R & R away from home.  I hope Landon travels well.  Goodnight friends~~~!!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

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First time in his bumbo!  He loved it!

Family Time

Oh how popular you get when you have a baby ;)  Everyone wants to visit with you!  We had a busy weekend.  Saturday we went to some yard sales.  I am not big on yard sales, I just don't like to get up early and always kind of feel weird digging through people's personal items.  My neighbors are moving back to Los Vegas and I stopped by and got lots of good stuff though, CHEAP.  I wonder who my new neighbors are? I hope they are nice.  We went to Ninny and Papa's and ate lunch because we were out that way, then we went home to get ready for the Steen family reunion.  We had a really good time, had some great food, and met a lot family that we didn't know.  We were so tired we went to bed pretty early bc we knew we were going to have to get up early for church.  We got up this morning and went to a great service at CBC.  The sermon was about thorns in our life and how the Lord gives them to us for a reason.  I have been a blessed person, I have had a few thorns in my own life, but I continue to love and trust Jesus and thank Him for all that he has given me.  He has blessed me with good health, a loving family, a home, great parents, and the list goes on.  I am looking forward to a great week and hope everyone has had a great weekend!!!!