Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The adventures of Landon

So, today we went to our very first doctor visit at Shoals Pediatrics today, we saw Dr. Judy Moore.  I was a bit anxious to see how his weight had done since leaving the hospital.  In the hospital he weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces, but had lost down to 6 pounds 12 ounces when we left.  I was having some problems with breastfeeding since I had a C-section it takes a little longer for milk production.  He had gained back up to 7 pounds 2 ounces today, and she said that was right on track.  I was so relieved, I had worried myself to death about if he was getting enough to eat or not.  At the beginning when we got home, we were supplementing Enfamil through a syringe during feedings.  I needed about 8 hands to do all of it at once, and wouldn't have been able to do it without some help.  It was really frustrating, but I am SOOOOO happy I was tough enough to stick to it.  When I see his little mouth working so hard, I thank the Lord for giving me the strength to stay with it.  I love feeding time now and feel a bond with him that makes me feel so happy.  
Then, we waited on Dr. Moore to come and check his color and she said he wasn't jaundiced enough to warrant any treatment.  Another prayer was answered!  I had also been worrying myself to death about his yellowish color and the yellow in his eyes.  We have been constantly putting him in the window to try to break down the jaundice, and it looks like it worked!  She was impressed that his bellybutton cord had fell off so quick.  I am happy that we have one less step in our diaper changing routine.  Landon did great on the way to the Dr. and on the way home, he was dressed up in his Sunday best for the outing. He had his first real bath before the visit and he LOVED it, I even sprayed his little head with the sprayer and he didn't even move.  
It is so much fun to dress them up, lots more fun than adult clothes.  I know now my wardrobe will suffer, because I will always be buying for my little man.  He had ate all morning long without a poop diaper so we knew we were in for a treat somewhere along our trip.  He was quite the gentleman and waited til AFTER the doctor, lol
Me and Mom were so tired by the end of the trip we rewarded ourselves with a banana split from Wagon Wheel!  We rode around a while just to get out of the house and relax...
Then tonight when we were having tummy time in the living room, Landon flipped all the way from his stomach to his back.  I was so proud of him! We are enjoying every minute with our precious baby, I already think about him growing up and I don't like to think of it all!  I have already told Toph we have GOT to have some more, and he just looks at me like I have went crazy!   Love to all from the Wilson Fam!

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