Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A day in the life of.... Stephanie Wilson

Well, I thought since my life has changed so dramatically I would document mommy's days as a new parent.  Long gone are the days of sleeping in, getting a shower when you want, Bejeweled blitz and other leisurely activities.  Just a year ago Toph and I had no idea the exciting activities we would be partaking in in just one short year.  We were basking in the sun, drinking cocktails, and enjoying a sunset cruise in Aruba this time last year.  I wouldn't trade this little man for anything in the world though!!!
He is a great sleeper though, I put him in his bed (this is his pack and play and we lovingly refer to it as his man cave)  around 9pm and he wakes up at 2am, and then sleeps until 6 and back out again.  So I couldn't ask for a better baby.  He has some gas issues, but I think we have finally tackled those issues with Dr. Brown's bottles.  You try to listen to everyone's advice, but usually it just comes down to your baby and how it works for him. We usually lay around in the bed til around 10 and then we get up and get Landon's bath and clothes on for the day.  After that I sit him in his boppy and let him watch the fan (he LOVES the fan) while I get a shower.  Then we play and talk a few hours and eat our lunch, I say this because he gets what I get.  I try to stay away from cabbage, cucumbers, broccoli, green onions and that sort of thing... due to the gas!  Toph is working as the electrical engineer on call for Wise 2 nights a week, so we stay with Granna B on Tues and Wed.  We love to visit!  When we are at home, I lay him in his man cave for a nap and go to the pool for about an hr, (I love his video monitors)!  They are great. This week Nae, Dalton, and Barbara came to swim with me... We had so much fun!
Today, I booked Landons first Santa Session with HMP studios, he goes Nov 11th.  I can't get over that I now have a child to take to Santa, it feels so weird sometimes, but I can't wait.  Toph and I don't know what in the world we did before out little man.  He is the best thing in our lives.  We are headed 2 our first beach trip soon, and I can't wait to travel with new fam of 3!
Landon Jacob!

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