Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Landon' First 4th!!!!

So, Landon had his first 4th of July celebration!  He had a pretty good time, but I know he will enjoy next summer's a lot more.  Me and Toph went canoeing on the 3rd and left little man with Mom and Dad, they dressed him up and took him to town to show him off. The canoe trip was fun, but we had to walk our canoe most of the way, because it was so shallow.  It was nice to have a little down time though.  The next day we all cooked out and went swimming. Dad grilled some ribs and pork chops and we all ate.  Then Landon got to go into the water for the first time!  He loves to be outside, but I don't let him stay out very long.  To me, he is still to little!  Later that night we went to watch some fireworks with friends and Ninny Nae and had a great time.

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