Sunday, November 14, 2010

6 Months Old and Growing SOOOO Fast

Dear Sweet Sweet Landon,
You are 6 months old this month!  Your halfway to your first birthday.  Where has the time went, you are growing so fast.  You went and saw Santa Claus yesterday and you loved the jolly old guy, you even wanted to pull is beard, but he wasn't much liking that.  I thought it was pretty funny :)  You are getting around so good.  If you want it your going to get it!  You love playing in the floor and you would much rather be there playing than laying in my lap.  You like cords, phones, and boxes so much.  You have been crawling for the past week and sitting up so much better.  You were 3 weeks early so you are doing really well for your age.  You have started squealing and it is the sweetest sound.

Food:  You eat around 4 baby foods a day, you like me to mix in a little oatmeal or rice cereal to thicken it up some.  You like around 6 oz of milk about 4 times a day.  You still get up once or twice in the night but you sleep for 10 hours so you can't ask much more of you.  You still sleep in your pack and play and the last time you get up I let you stay in bed with me.  :)  You still take Enfamil Gentlease.

You wear a size 2 diaper, but I have a 3 ordered for next time.  I get your diapers delivered to the door from

You love everyone and you are just now getting to the stage you really have to check out where you are and then you decide if you like it or not.

You ride in the car really well and like to watch Barney while we drive.

Your daddy got a new job this week at TVA and it is going to be so much better.  He has been working a lot of hours at work and working evening and midnights and now he will be working days!!! We are so happy that we are going to get to have a normal life again, this was such a blessing for our family.  We have been praying for this... It took around 5 months to get everything together and he starts on Dec. 6th.  He will be a systems engineer for the I and C dept., I don't really know what he will do, but I know he will be home at night!!!! :)

You have 2 teeth and you run your tongue over them to feel them, and you like to bite the spoon now when I am feeding you.

You hate your passy and don't want it anymore.  Sometimes I am happy, but when you are sleepy, I wish you would like it, lol :)

The only time you get fussy is if you are hungry or sleepy.

You take around 2 naps a day.

I give you 2 baths a day and you LOVE your bath, you want me to give you a drink from the faucet sprayer. 

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