Monday, November 22, 2010

Cleaning Extravaganza... NOT

Well, I had to pull up my sleeves and get busy today, as bad as I hated to, lol... Mom offered to come get Landon and said we could do anything we wanted to do while she had it him.  I was thinking ohhhhh I wanna go to Red Lobster, or get some Christmas presents, or something fun... Well, I came back down to reality and started cleaning.  Since Toph has been working 16 hours days 7 days a week, me and Lan Man has been hanging with Granna all the time.  My house was funky to say the least.  I cleaned the baseboards, under stuff, Toph cleaned his closets, I tried getting all the carrot spots up out of the floor.... Took me FOREVER!  We should be getting our new windows and doors on the 3rd so I will probably have to clean up another mess even though they say that they do that.  I then will attempt my Christmas decorations, but not before the window installation.  I have a feeling I am going minimal this year, because Toph wants me and Landon to go to Chatanooga for his TVA training on Dec. 6th.  I really want to go but I don't know how 5 days of me and Landon in a hotel will work... I am gonna think on it, but I think we will be ok :)

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