Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Note from Mom, your 13 Months Old!

You just passed your first year and went on into the 13 month of your life Landon!  I have kept you alive, lol, for 13 months... I'm just kidding with you Landon, you are a good baby boy.  Your personality is so bubbly and everyone wants to stop and see you in the store because you smile at them so much!  You are fun just to sit and watch what you do, you are really funny..  You smile and laugh the most when your outside, you LOVE outside.  You know we are getting ready to go somewhere when I put your shoes on and start waving saying bye bye and out... Out kinda sounds like Owt,  You love to talk on the phone and when it rings you think you need to answer it and talk.  You love the pool and want to drop things off in it and then go get them, so I stay in the pool, you throw, I get you, and we go and get whatever it is you have thrown that time.  You like to find the lawnmower and try to crawl up on it, bc you know I let you ride that ONE time :)  Your favorite toys are your Thomas the Tank push toy, Thomas Book that makes noises, and your horse.  You try to feed pooh your bottle and then you put Pooh on the horse and try to drive him around.  You like climbing WAY 2 much, you want to climb up any step you see.  You climb up on top of the fireplace and sit there and watch TV.

Your favorite TV Station is Sprout.
Your favorite  shows are dirtgirlworld, Thomas, and Nina and Star
You take a morning nap and afternoon nap most of the time for about 2 hrs. each
You still drink your bottle, but we are cutting back on them
You like Apple juice
Your fav food is mac and cheese
You have around 8 or 9 teeth
Your hair is getting thicker and ligher
Your body is looking more like a little toddler, this makes me happy and sad :)
You love to drop things through any kind of hole you can find, especially my TV stand
You have been dancing up a storm and singing (your version) when songs and music come on.
You say dada, mama, out, hello, and some more stuff that I haven't really figured out yet.
You don't like to get your diaper changed, but we are working on that
You usually wake around 7
When we say cheese you smile really big

As the months go by you bring joy to my heart and continue to amaze me with all the stuff that babies do.  You will always be my baby boy even when you get old...  You are my heart Landon Jacob Wilson and I sure hope you think I have done a good job with you one day. 

Love you sweet boy...

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