Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What a splashin' good time

Mom, Lexi and I took Lan Man for some shopping, food, and splash fun today in Tuscumbia.  What a wonderful day... Landon was such a good boy today and enjoyed his day so much.  We went to a few stores downtown and then went over to the park to let him try out the splash pad.  Total success!  He loved it and went around that place like he was around five.  Lexi and I went in with him and I found two little kids that liked me very much, they didn't leave my side, Landon on the other hand was everywhere and didn't want his mama stomping around after him.  He is Mr. Independent.  Some kid touched his belly, which was stuffed from Frank's Italian, and he looked at him like, "Dude, don't touch this belly."  It was hilarious!  Then we went on over and let him ride the carousel, and he grabbed that horse like he had ridden one for years.  Such a big boy :)  I am so tired, we did some swim stuff when we got home and he loves it.  I bought a book called Water Babies and it gives you some tips on how to teach them to swim.  He loves to jump off the side and throw rocks in the pool!  Stinker. 

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