Monday, February 1, 2010

10 Things you may not have known about me :)

Where oh where should I start, I am pretty much an open book and don't care for people knowing things about me.  I am most of the time confident in my actions and not afraid to voice my opinion.  :)  So here is to those few of you that might not know me as well.  

  1. First, I will start with "I get embarrassed when someone does something totally stupid and moronic" .  I cringe when people make total goobs of themselves and especially when they don't even have a clue they are doing it.  We have all been there and done that (me on plenty of occasions), but dang if you don't know what you are talking about just don't say anything!  If you can't make an accurate statement or even an educated guess, leave that conversation alone.  So I said it, I know that sounds mean, but I can't help it, :)
  2. I like to read and when I don't have a new book, I get sad.  So I keep PLENTY of unread books laying around where I don't have anxiety.  
  3. I never used to play games and I still don't call myself a gamer deluxe, but since being pregnant and not having as much energy, I play lots of games on the computer.  I am happy to have games to fill my time during this pregnancy sabbatical.  I know I should be cleaning, learning something new, or doing something productive, but I just flat don't want to these days.   
  4. I don't like blood and other bodily things that could be wrong on my body.  It scares me to think of moles that could be cancer to the point I feel light headed, etc, etc, etc.  I have got a lot better about this, but if you are doing things to my body that I involves poking, scraping, withdrawing, and that kind of thing JUST DO IT, please do not talk about (your blood just isn't clotting, your blood is thick, your veins or small, it makes me want to vomit. 
  5. I work on becoming more compassionate to others.  
  6. I love my husband more each day that we are together, he makes me strive to become a better person.  He is kind, compassionate, and truly cares about others.  He is especially kind to me and catch myself thinking of how lucky I am to have someone that cares about me, asks about my feelings, compliments me all the time (even when I don't deserve it), and encourages me.  He does all this with no ulterior motive, he does this because he truly has a kind heart and loves me.  I love him and feel like God led me straight to someone that could help me be the best person I could be.   
  7. I want to be a good christian mother, wife and friend.  I look up to those who have faith in the Lord and that isn't afraid to share.  
  8. I enjoy being around intelligent people who like to voice their opinions in an understated way, but not those that try to act like they know everything.  In my life I have gathered if they act like they know everything, they usually know nothing at all.  
  9. I wasn't planning on having children right away and got pregnant while taking Bactrim DS for a bladder infection, but would not change becoming a mother for anything in the world.  I believe that God put this baby in my life to enrich our lives and to let me know that I don't get to make every decision.  He is in charge of my life and only Him.  
  10. I love my family more than anything.  They are also my number one encouragers that make my life so much better.  I talk to them every day most of the time more than once.  We all know where each other are at almost all time. 

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