Friday, January 29, 2010

Cold, Icy Storm

Hello from my warm cozy bed!  It is so cold outside.  We have had slushy icy rain all day long.  Cash, Toph and I have been hanging inside the house today, because of the weather.  Me and Cash went outside for him to potty and I wore about 6 layers and Toph's work boots.  He is at home today, because he had to work an outage at Wise for the past two nights.  He has slept most of the day, but got up to eat the supper I cooked.  I have to brag on myself, because I never cook.  Tonight I cooked dirty rice, mac n cheese, corn and other good stuff.  It was pretty good, if I don't have a frig stocked with non-cook-able items I think I don't have food.  I didn't ever used to worry about what we would eat before I was pregnant, it was kinda like whatever you get in the kitchen is what you ate.  Now I am hungrier and my stomach starts rumbling if I don't eat ever so often.
Last night me and mom went to see Lauren's baby at Crestwood.  He was perfect and Lauren looked great.  He didn't make any noise except when he got changed and then they swaddled him so tight and he loved it and was looking at us!  He pooted on me and I told Lauren it was because he loved me!  It made me so ready to hold my little man.  I am hoping that Carter and Landon will be best of friends, being so close in age and probably will attend the same school.  Holding him made me want to finish my nursery and get things moving along!  I don't want to rush my baby to be here though, because he needs to roast in the belly til he wants to come into the big bad world.  I was talking to Toph about golf lessons for him and he told me we might need to wait and see if he even likes golf! I don't want to push him into doing anything he doesn't want to do, but I just get carried away thinking of all the fun we will have. Papa Bill and Toph will help him out if he wants to do some golfing!   Toph talked to him and told him he was getting ready for him and he was gonna be super cool, lol.  I love being pregnant and have enjoyed this time more than anything. Mom and I have been picking up little things for him (clothes mostly) and I lay and think about what I want him to wear at the hospital and coming home, it is so much fun to prepare for his arrival. 

Daddy Toph will be going on his last man trip with the boys tomorrow if the weather permits, I am glad he gonna go spend some time with his buddies, but I will miss him.  Pray that he is safe in the weather.  I am going to my friend and cousins baby shower, Sunni Isabella Slaton on Sunday.  I am sure that Landon and Sunni will be friends too!  I go to the doctor on Feb. 11th @ 3 and will be getting my ultrasound that you can video.  He will officially tell me the sex and check his development for any abnormalities.  I have a sense of apprehension about this appointment, because I want him to be a happy healthy baby.  I know I will love him no matter what the Lord bestows upon us, but I have faith that He will give me and Toph what we can handle.  Children are God's reward and I am THANKFUL for all his many blessings.  So stay tuned for his development video, I will upload it!  I also will have to decide on the hospital that I would like to use.  Crestwood or Huntsville, I have pros and cons for each and any comments or suggestions would be apreciated.  Only 111 days to go, Yipee~!

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