Friday, February 12, 2010

Landon's First Video

Yesterday was my monthly doctor visit and I had been waiting patiently to confirm his sex and see what he looked like on his video.  Toph had to work half a day at Wise and took off the rest of the day, so he got home about 11:30 and we left to meet mom at Quik Mart.  We decided to eat at our fav place, OG, and then go on to our appointment at 3:00.  I was trying not to be nervous about the checkup, but I was worried about all his parts and making sure everything was okay.  I appreciate all the prayers and thought for us during our checkup, because everything turned out great, God is so good to us.  I have been so blessed, even if something would have been wrong I would have still been blessed with a sweet little boy to love.  Dr. Fiore had already delivered one baby at lunch and another lady was almost 9 cm, so we were lucky to get to keep this appointment and see our little man jump around and show us his parts!  I was worried at first I had fed him to much and he was sleepy, but he was moving around everywhere.  He was around 1 pound 9 oz. Heartbeat was 156 and is doing well!  He measured at 25 weeks and is on track for his date of birth.  I go next time for my 4-D ultrasound and drink my glucola for my glucose test. This will be March 8th.  I am including his first videos and some pics that documented my day :)  We love everyone!

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