Thursday, March 4, 2010

Birthing 101 and Life

Well guys, I am sorry I haven't wrote anything much in the past few weeks.  I have been slacking on my blog writing.  I have had a million and one things to do and haven't gotten any of them accomplished, because I have been sick the past week.  I'll start from the beginning.  Me and Toph-daddy went to Lamaze/Birthing class this past Sat.  We opted for the 6 hour class instead of the 4 classes once a week.  We met up with Dusty and Nicole at ECM to begin our birth class adventure.  Toph won't ever look when we watch something nasty on TV and he always makes me turn it if their is blood or anything gross on the show and he will NOT watch baby story or any other good TLC flicks, so I knew he was in for a treat.  The first thing we did was watch some labor vids (they weren't so bad).  He did really well with it.  I was trying hard not to laugh and be serious, but those that know me know that I was wanting to laugh SO bad.  They had every type of woman on these 1990 videos that you could imagine: black, white, asian, tall, short, fat, small, you get the picture!  In the end it didn't matter what or how you looked the baby was coming out no matter what followed by some pretty disgusting other "stuff"  which looked like about 10 pounds of bloody stuff (placenta and afterbirth)!!!  We learned about LOTS of stuff like different types of labor, labor drugs, methods to use, etc.  It was an interactive class that also taught basic care needs and feeding, I really enjoyed it.  It was a little long to sit there but I knew it was gonna take a while.  During the breathing exercises my chest started burning and hurting and I knew I was getting sick, by the time we left my lungs hurt.  So we drive on over to Med Plus and have to wait FOREVER, Toph waited in the waiting room and let me sit in the car.  I got some antibiotics and then had to go and wait at Target on my meds.  I was exhausted, but I am finally feeling better today.  My blood pressure was not good at MedPlus 168/98... very bad for me.  So I have been taking it easy the last few days.  Tony and Toph put up my crown molding in the nursery and it looked great, but I still have tons of stuff to do.  I only have about 11 weeks left and little Landon will be here and in his room!  Excited but also a little scared thinking about all the responsibility that comes with a baby.  I know I will have lots of helpers to guide me and I feel good about that, but then I'm like a baby in just a few short weeks, wow, my world is changing ready or not!!!  I worry about needless things as Toph says, "why waste your time worrying about things that are probably not gonna happen, if they do you just deal with it".  I know this is good advice but I can't help wondering "what if".  I have faith in Gods plan for our lives and what he deals me I will be able to handle, but I still let little things bother me.  I try to hang on to things that need to be turned over to Him, because that is where my peace will lie.  I'm working on it!!!!  I have a very busy few weeks ahead and lots more to share, but I am so tired.  Gonna go to bed.  I have to go to the eye doctor 2morrow and go get me some box springs for my new King size bed, wow, the little things in life can make me so happy. 
Still gotta putty our nails and touch up, but it's up!!


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