Sunday, March 28, 2010

Instead of a small bump in the road, it was more like a large ditch this time, haha

Well guys, last Wednesday night around 2:00 a.m. I woke up with severe pain in my bladder.   I was bleeding and knew right then something wasn't right.  I told Toph something was wrong and I was hurting, but I laid back down and then I figured it wasn't gonna go away and called my mama.  She told me that wasn't normal and to get a bath she was on her way.  I took a bath (with Toph by my side) and was telling him I wasn't ready to have a baby and his stuff wasn't done and I don't have a suitcase and all that kind of stuff.  Well, mom got there and I showed her how I was bleeding and she said that was def. not normal, let's go.  So we headed out in the pouring rain and lightning and told Toph we would call him as soon as we found out something.  I really thought I was in labor.  I got checked in to labor and delivery and answered about 100 questions and got examined.  All I remember is the nurse saying he was still sealed up and was not coming!  My bladder and kidneys were another story.  I was in so much pain I couldn't really tell you what was going on except I didn't like anyone and I didn't want to be around anyone!  I wanted to get in the floor and roll around and cry, but mom told me they wouldn't like me and wouldn't help me if I did that!  They gave me some meds and it didn't even touch the pain.  I thought I might be dying.  All the pain was in my back on the left side.  Well, to make a long story short it hurt like that for about 8 hours.  They did a renal ultrasound and I had 7 or 8 kidney stones that I needed to pass.  If I hadn't passed them by that afternoon I was gonna have to have surgery for them to put a stint up and help release the stones.  At about 1:30 that afternoon I passed 2 and felt like a new person!  I had to stay the night and get fluids and antibiotics but I wasn't in a much pain as I was at the first.  I think God was preparing me for the real deal with all that, but I sure don't wish that on ANYONE.  I am so happy baby Landon got to stay in and bake a little longer, he nor me is ready just yet.
On the good side of things, this has made me pack a suitcase and get his nursery done. 

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