Saturday, March 20, 2010

Last Doctor Appt. Upcoming Baby Shower

So, I have waited to long yet again to update my pregnancy adventure.  On March 8th Nae, B, and I loaded up early to go to the doctor, I had to be at the lab at 8 am to get my sugar test.  Toph didn't get to go because he is busy working some outages at Wise and programming for some more jobs and couldn't get away, so we videoed it for him.  I didn't really dread this test to bad, all except the blood taking part.  I knew I loved sweet drinks and this was just an extra souped up version of Kool-aide, it did kind of give me a head rush when I stood up though.  I think my results were normal because they haven't contacted me, so no news is good news.  We cruised around Huntsville while were waiting on my 4-d ultrasound at 1:15.  We tried out Cheddars for lunch and it is so good, we also stopped by Toys R Us, Burlington, and few more stores we don't have in Florence.  We finally got to the appt. and his heartbeat was 156.  I was getting prepared for Doc to come in so I was drinking my Dr. Pepper where Lil man would be active and clumsy me ended up spilling it all over me and the chair which had white paper draped over it.  I got up real quick where the nurse couldn't see what I had done and she looked around and it looked like bloody water on the paper and she freaked out and thought my water broke, it was hilarious, she said she hadn't been that surprised in 25 years.  Then Dr. Fiore showed up and got down to business.  I was amazed when he switched to 4-d view and I saw how developed my little boy had become in such few short weeks, it was the most miraculous moment I have ever had.  He was all scrunched up and had his feet on his forehead and his hands over his face.  We finally got a good profile of his face and he had some huge cheeks!  We got to see his face a lot better than the pics that he actually shot and gave me a copy of.  He weighed around 3 pounds and was measuring 31 weeks 2 days (about a week ahead of my date).  I am so not ready for him to get here yet because I still have tons to do.  Speaking of stuff to do, I am having a baby shower at my mom's house tomorrow.  I am excited to see all my friends and family, this may be the last time I see some of them without Baby Landon.  I love my friends and family and I am so thankful that they love me and my son and want to have us a shower.  Well, that is all for now, I will have some pics of all 2morrow's excitement up soon.  Goodnight!
31 Weeks 

 Got some more nursery finished, but still have a lot to do

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