Thursday, August 26, 2010

3 Month Photos

So we went for Landon's three month pictures today.  It takes a lot of time to prepare for these things, that's for sure.  Ever since the last pics any outfit you see you always ask yourself "wonder if Landon needs that outfit for his pics"?  It is also a way to justify buying things he doesn't actually need.  So we ended up with more outfits than he wore, but that's okay, because he looks cute in them all.  We got up this morning and we already had to start preparing for the pics at 2:30.... everything takes longer with a baby :)  I got my picture taken with Landon so it took me a little longer this morning too.  I wish Toph would have got to have his done with us for a family photo, but it is hard to work around his work schedule, so we are going to try next time.  We got there and had to wait a little while so mama was taking some pics with her phone.  His first outfit was a white smocked outfit.  He was in a cradle and did not want to lay down, he thinks he is so big, lol.  Finally we got some shots.  Then we had to more outfits and a tummy pic.  Overall, it was a great session.  I know that I will really love and treasure these one day.

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