Sunday, August 15, 2010

Landon's First Beach Trip

We have had a blast on our trip to Orange Beach!  This was Landon's first trip to the beach and a well needed vacation from the ends and outs of everyday life.  He was a great riding partner. We traveled at night so he slept the whole way down.  We were kind of worried about the weather and the oil, but it turned out to be beautiful.  We went to the beach, swam in the pool, shopped, and hung out in the room.  It was so relaxing and little man is being spoiled beyond belief.  He is always getting talked to or held, and he loves it.  We got a visit from Uncle Ben and went out with him a few times, it was great to get to see him.  We love the outlet mall and got some good deals while browsing all the shops.  Landon always ends up with something from every store, because it is so much fun buying for him.  Mama bear doesn't shop much for herself anymore.  G-daddy bought him his very first build a bear which was actually a tiger.  We named him Landon's Aubie, he has a sound that says "I'm cool, let's hang out, and a few more sayings.  I loved kissing the heart and making a wish for Landon.  It was a lot of fun and I can't wait til he can build one by himself.  I've got my fill of seafood for a while and I am ready to get back into my cozy bed, but I have had a GREAT time.  Mom and dad have been enjoying Landon so much..  He grins every time you even look at him and is "talking" to us all the time.  Every time I look into those big blue eyes I thank God for sending me a perfect angel from above.  I love everything about this little one, the big stuff and even the little stuff:  holding him, waking up to a smiling face, his drool, his milk breath, changing dirty diapers, sucking his little nose, feeding him,  wrapping him up and so many more things but it would take forever!  He has been such a blessing to all our family. He's the best in the the whole WORLD :)

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