Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day to Day

I have been cleaning house today, whew!  It can get so dirty, so quickly.  It is a never ending thing, but I am thankful to have a house to clean and tend to.  I am going to admit it gets kind of overwhelming when you have a baby in your life and you try to get everything done.  I always liked to keep my house clean, yard mowed, pool clean, garage swept, decorate.. that sort of thing.  A lot of that is pushed to the side with baby boy.  I know a lot of people do a lot more than me on a day to day basis, and I totally respect them.  If I had a 40 hour a week job, I guess we would just have to live in a dirty house.  Well, I might just have to have it hired out if I worked, lol.  We have an older home, around 18 years old, and we have lots of repairs coming up.. We need new doors, new windows... (those are the must haves) I would like to put in new floors and update the kitchen.  I don't know for sure how long we are going to be in this house, but if we stay, we are going to have lots of work to do.  We have a pool and it really worries me about Landon drowning or something, you just never know.  That would be another reason we would move.  It is such a bad time to to sell, so I foresee that we will be here for a few more years.  I have been debating on going BACK to school to get my elementary teaching certificate.  I have business ed now and I just don't see myself getting a job with that anytime soon.  I love kids and I really loved working with all the K-6 at Lexington.  So we shall see if I want to invest in some more classes.  I like to go to school is the weird part, it makes me happy to learn!  I for sure don't want to go back right now to work, but when Landon gets a little older I would like to teach.  I could probably get a lot of my classes online, but having to pay for the classes is not any fun at all!  All good things come to those who wait, so I am waiting.. :)  I have a precious baby Landon, a super husband and that is all I need right now.  The other stuff can wait til things calm down a little.  :)

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