Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall is in the air!

Lots cooler temps here in North Alabama today, and it felt wonderful!  I actually wanted to get outside today, so I decorated for fall, did some yard work, and pruned my shrubs.  I am give completely out now, whew.  Toph was home today and watched Little Man while I got my stuff done.  I wish it would stay this kind of weather all year round, I like walking out the door without sweating and Landon loves going out and strolling.  He can be having a hissy fit and if we walk outside it's like BAM he instantly stops crying.  That's how I can tell if he is really sick or something, because he wouldn't just stop crying if something hurt.  I think he is getting some teeth, and let me tell you, he has been a little fussy britches today.  He doesn't cry, it's kind of like a whine.  I hope the teeth soon break through and maybe he will feel better.  I sure hope so, because we have a busy weekend ahead.  Toph and I have dentist appointment Thurs., the 101 yard sale and the LCHS homecoming parade on Friday, and the Bama game on Sat.  I think I have forgot a few things we are supposed to do, I am just so tired I can't think. Well, I'm going to bed, the up side to Landon's teeth is that it doesn't affect his sleep.  That is a major plus!

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