Thursday, September 30, 2010

All about teeth...

Today must have been teeth day for the Wilson fam.  I took Landon to the doctor this morning to see what was causing him to be so fussy and looks like it is the toothies.  He is getting his top and his bottom teeth in at the same time, isn't that wonderful :)  I am glad he didn't have an ear infection or anything worse.  He doesn't like the Dr. and I think he already knows where we are... He didn't want Dr. Moore looking at him or putting anything in his ears.  He weighed 16 pounds and 10 ounces and is healthy as a horse, all except for the teeth thing.  We have to give him Tylenol, teething tabs, and a washcloth (for chewing).  This afternoon Toph and I had dentist appointments as well.  We didn't have any cavities, but my teeth and gums are so sore that I don't want to open my mouth.  I guess that is what I get for skipping a few appointments.  We all got new toothbrushes including Landon and when I got home I rubbed the toothbrush on his gums and he LOVED it.  It must have felt wonderful. On the down side, the thing that I thought that was an ulcer in my mouth is some kind of growth... It isn't gonna go away on its on, lovely.  I have to schedule an appointment with the oral surgeon to get it removed before it gets any bigger.  Whew, it is always something.  Having something cut out of my tongue does not seem pleasant and after I googled it, it seems even worse.  Well, here are some pics of Landon with his Halloween leggings on, just plain adorable with those fat little legs of his.

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