Monday, September 6, 2010

The Long Weekend

We had a great long weekend this wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Friday we went out to eat as a family @ Chili's.  Saturday, Toph had to wake up and go into work because of some problems and me and Landon went over to B's.  He got off in time to go over to our friends, Patrick and Amy's, to watch the game though.  We had a great time watching the game with our friends and catching up.  We stayed the night and came back to mom's to pick up little guy.  He was so good.  Then today we went over MawMaw's to eat and played volleyball and badminton.  We had so much fun.  It was Landon's first get together over MawMaws.  He got to have applesauce and carrots today and he loved them!  He liked carrots more that applesauce, but he ate both.  I can't believe it is time to give my little boy some food, it seems unreal.  Mom made him laugh out at her when she acts like she is going to eat him up, he just laughs... It is so amazing to listen to his laugh and realize that is what he is going to sound like.  My sweet baby boy, what a blessing he is.

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