Monday, October 4, 2010

I guess I will bite my tongue...

LoL.. I gotta go get my tongue fixed tomorrow and not a moment too soon... it has been bothering me for 3 weeks... Thank goodness I will be able to enjoy my food again, I have been really missing it.  :)  Landon has been so much fun tonight.  I gave him his first sucker that he got at the fair (only a couple of licks) but he went to town on that thing.  He was loving it.  I guess I know how to get him quiet if I need to.  He sat in his big boy chair and looked at his book for the longest.  He is getting better at sitting up and I think he will be so happy when he can finally get his balance.  He does it for a little while now, but he gets tired.  He's a short little butterball, and he is the sweetest thing I have ever seen.  I love it when he laughs out, it makes my day.  I could sit and listen to him all day long.  Well, pray for me tomorrow.  I don't want to get my tongue cut on, but I am happy to maybe get some relief... Love yall!

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