Friday, October 29, 2010

Sweet Memories

I have finally got my computer back after almost three weeks!  Wow, I thought I would never see her again.  I left my laptop at the beach when we went on vacation a few weeks ago.  We had everything packed up and just left it laying there by the chair and my dad's friend had to get it from the condo people and ship it to me.  I'm glad they got it back to me safe and sound though.
  And now it looks like me and T-daddy have some baby proofing to do, Landon is crawling.  Where has the time gone, just yesterday I was bringing home a little bitty Landon, now he is getting in to stuff.  It is amazing how much they accomplish in 5 months.  I have to say, it is getting a lot easier for me now that he likes to play in the floor.  He is content to play with his toys and check out new things.  He tries really hard to crawl on all fours but he gets frustrated because he goes backwards most of the time, so he just rolls where he needs to go.  I can be in the kitchen and he rolls to the door to check out what I am doing and just grins at me like "hey mom, look what I can do".  He loves to paw at the carpet because it is kind of long and he can find one little piece, of paper or something and he will try and get it for 30 minutes.  I have also found that you like me to mix a little rice cereal in your baby food, you seem to like the consistency better and don't make as much of a mess.  You want to steal the spoon so I give you your own to play with while we eat.  I gave you a sippy cup and you had a fit because it you couldn't get it to come out, so we are gonna practice some more. When he is going to sleep after his bottle while I am rocking he finds my arm and just blows bubbles all over it.  Then when he is getting really sleepy he want to touch my hands and hold onto my finger, it is the most precious thing.  I am so happy I am writing this down where when I get old and can't remember I can look to the book I am making.  

Here are some pictures of your favorite things to do!

You use this at MawMaw's house when you go over there :)

You LOVE riding in the green car, you just lay back and relax, it is so sweet.

We have bought you a Radio Flyer for Christmas, but we went ahead and let you have it to ride in because it would be cold soon.

Halloween is not til Sunday, but we are going to go ahead and trick or treat during the day on Saturday at a few places.  You are gonna be a duck and we have lots of people we plan on seeing but we will just have to see how that works out.... lol.
Daddy has been studying for six weeks for his engineering test and it is 2morrow so he is going to go with us a few places when he gets home :)  He has had a few off days and it has been wonderful, I wish he could stay home everyday, lol, but I know he has to work :(  Work can get in the way of a lot of fun sometimes, hehe.  He is the best ever for taking care of us and loving us... he's my glue that keeps me together. 

we had been cleaning out the pool, the yard and house!

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