Friday, October 1, 2010

LCHS Homecoming

Sometimes I wonder why people are so strange and then I wonder well, "what if I'm the strange one."  Just a thought, but I really have that feeling a lot.  So.... today Landon went to the parade and he liked it.  It was kind of hot and windy, but overall it was a pretty good parade.  He is still a little fussy with his teeth, but it comes and goes.  I bought him tons of toys at the yard sale this morning and he has been in the floor enjoying them.  He's a stinker :)  Daddy bear is at work tonight (we love you daddy bear)...  Landon will probably be putting his AU gear on and rooting for the Tigers tomorrow morning.  I could insert a comment here but I'm not going too :)  And for those of you following my tongue, hahaha.  I am going to have the spot removed on Monday.  Wow, I am so looking forward to that G.  Dad said he hopes it shuts me up for about a week.  I hope it don't hurt too bad, and I guess it will help my diet.. hehehe... Gotta look on the positive side somewhere.  I hope everyone has a great night and some fun football game day's tomorrow.  Roll Tide :)

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