Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dentist, Yuck

Well, I had been having some trouble with my tooth for a while now.  I went to Tamsy about 6 mos ago with it hurting some (just when I bite on something hard) and she sent me to Dr. Smith the root canal guy.  He told me he wasn't for sure what it was, but it might be from internal decomposition.. He told me to come back in 2 weeks, blahhh... I didn't want a root canal so I didn't go back :(  Well, I went in for my cleaning today and the spot has grown (it is very uncommon) and if I don't get it fixed it might break off!  Wow, that got me moving, the next step would be a bridge and there is know telling how much that would cost, blah.  So hopefully they can save my tooth with the canal.  I don't like people in my mouth.  I have had perfect teeth ever since I was small, no cavities or anything, you don't realize how wonderful that is until something like this happens.  I don't like people in my mouth, but I want to save my tooth, so I head back to Dr. Smith next week.  Wish me luck!  The extra $400 doesn't make me happy either, I could find lots of stuff I would rather spend it on!  It could abscess 2, and that wouldn't be good.  I highly reccomend Dr. Tamsy at Coker Family Dentistry, she is SO nice, and if you don't need something she won't try to make you think you do.  I really like that.  My friend Lauren works there and she can set you up an appointment if you are looking for a nice family dentist. They say the internal decomposition results from a trauma from the tooth or your teeth moving at a fast pace, they think it might have been from my braces??? I don't know, the lady said she has only saw it once in 17 years (great)... Well, anyway... if you see me toothless you know I ran out of money, LOL... I told Toph I would get me a flipper like on Toddler and Tiaras, he thought that was hilarious.

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