Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just another Lazy summer day!

Toph, Landon and I have had a relaxing weekend at home this weekend.  It was so nice to be home with nothing to do, but exactly what we want to!  We don't have many of those here lately.  Nae came and kept Landon for me on Friday and I took a day out for myself.  It was so nice, mani/pedi, a few errands, and just a little window shopping.  I worked in the yard after it cooled off some that afternoon and just pittled around, yes pittled, I don't know how you spell it or if it is even a word, lol.  We have swam all day today and I look like a lobster... I must have needed 70 proof like Lan Man.  He loves the pool, and when I say love I mean he is in HEAVEN when we swim.  I think it is so crazy that I have a one year old that wants to run as fast as he can and jump in the pool (over and over).  He would love to get on the diving board, but I draw the line there.  He gets up there and starts jumping and I have to say NO NO Landon.  He tries me about 3 times and then he just collapses, bc he knows I have won ;)  Go mom, lol.  We start our official lessons next week and I am excited to see what he learns and how to go about teaching him.  He is fearless.  I make him wear his swimsuit life jacket thing and he hates putting it on, but it makes me feel better.  It gives me time to get to him when he starts barrelling toward the side to jump.  He likes to get stuff and throw it in and then jump to get it.  We are going to put up my storm door 2morrow and get a few other chores done and chalk up our weekend to pretty successful :) 

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