Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mom's note to you! 14 Months...

A toddler is like the beginning of all things- wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.   I truly believe that twenty years from now I will be more disappointed by the things I didn't do than by the ones you did do. So I try to let you dream, discover, and explore.  I try so hard to let you explore, I know that a perfect summer day to a little boy means, a scrape on the knee, mud on his face and collecting bugs in garden, but mama is still worried all the time :) I get sad sometimes when you go to sleep at night, because I know you will be a day older and one step closer to growing into a big boy...  You make my world worth living sweet boy and I am always excited to see what the next day brings :)  Don't get me wrong, we have some hard days, when I am tired and you are tired and we all need a nap :) Sometimes I catch myself wanting to make you the best person you can be, and I really just need to enjoy the time we are spending together.  Every moment doesn't have to be a learning moment, just as long as we are together and I am getting my cuddling in!  You have taught me many things since you have been born; unconditional love, patience, and understanding.  I am so excited to share all kinds of fun memories with you sweet guy!  I am going to make another post for all your accomplishments and things you like to do :)

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