Friday, September 23, 2011

Back from a Blogging Vacation

Well you guys, I am back!!! I took a little break from blog land to kind of relax and get re-motivated to capture our memories. I have so much to share! Landon is now 16 months old and growing like crazy... we are caught up on all our shots now (we did the alternative method and only gave one and sometimes two shots at a time). Landon was having recurring ear infections that never cleared up and lots of problems with his ears, so we or let me say I, took matters into my own hands and we have had surgery this week on his adenoids and tubes put in. I noticed that Lan would hold his ears, shake his head, and not hear some things that I said to him so I started reading up on what might be causing this. I had been back and forth to see Dr. Moore about 7 or 8 times and she kept putting off seeing a specialist and kept giving antibodic after antibodic and it was really driving me crazy. So finally I told her, I knew there was a problem and I wanted referred to Dr. Castillo that day. She said she understood and we were there within the week. Now how hard was that??????/ He noticed some hearing problems, balance problems, and overall knew that surgery needed to be done. He told me that all of this is probably a result of the RSV that Landon had around 5 or 6 months ago... Wow, that was a shocker, didn't realize that could cause this. After the surgery, he told me his hearing would be restored fully and things should be much better around the Wilson household. Bless Landon's heart, he was falling all the time and I noticed that his letters and sounds were not sounding like they should and by the day after the surgery, I noticed a major improvement of sounds and balance... He is the most precious little boy in the whole world, I know I am biased, but really he is so sweet ;) He comes up to me and hugs me around the neck and opens his mouth in a big O and gives me juicy sugar.. Oh how I love that sugar. He wants me to rock rock when he is sleepy and comes to me with his blanket and grins up at me and wants me to whisper secrets to him... I have bought him a train table this week, for his love of trains and he LOVES it. I also built him a tent, where he can hide... He wanted to hide under my chair in the bedroom and it was really small, so I knew he would love it and he did! Today, I missed him and he had went in the bathroom, climbed in the tub with his shoes on and was playing with his trains in the tub... STINKER.. Well, I am tired of typing tonight. I will catch you up some more later. LOVE YA..

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