Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Landon,
Oh, sweet, sweet, sometimes high tempered, hyper, little one. This has been a crazy time of growth and development for you. It has also been a time of you asserting your iron will and in light of this, I now live in fear of your teenage years.  You remind me so much of myself, it is just plain scary.  I'm hyper, loud, and get excited and delighted over the silliest stuff and man, if you aren't the same way.  Son, we love hard, have tender hearts, are compasionate beyond words, and like what we want when we want it.  It sometimes hard to have battle of wills with you, bc your ALMOST as strong willed as your old mom.  I have made it alright, so I know you will too.  You just might give your mom and dad a few mini strokes.. LoL..
You are now 16 months old! How in the world did that happen? You are growing too fast, my little toddler! You’re apparently much taller and heavier than the average 16 month old, because people always think you’re older than you actually are. They also tell us that you are a stinker and that they bet I get my excercise in, (if they only knew the half of it)  I should be skin and bones, keeping up with you. Ha! They have NO IDEA. You weigh in at about 30 pounds, wear a size 7 shoe, and clothing from size 18 months up to 2-3T.You love your milk and juice.  Your fav snacks are cheese puffs and Thomas fruit snacks.  You love baked potatoes, mac n cheese, cream of chicken soup, hashbrowns, bisquits, Chic fil A, and Mickey D's.
Capturing your whole personality with words just doesn’t seem possible. Well, let’s give it a shot.
  • LOVING. You give random kisses and hugs. You love to grab your blankie and snuggle with us. When you are cranky or in a bad mood, a few minutes of snuggle time in our laps usually brings you around to happiness again
  • FEISTY.  there are times when you are… shall I say, difficult to handle. As a toddler, you are spirited, determined, and not willing to settle for less than you want. You can throw amazing tantrums. One great example would be the carseat.  You don't want to get into your carseat when you have been walked to the car and the car is OUTSIDE, you want to STAY outside... You have perfected a great backbend type thing that prevents me from strapping you in... What do I do you say?  I spank your little leg very gently and you come unglued.  Bless you, we will get through this.. :) 
  • ON THE GO. You don’t slow down often. You run everywhere, and you pride yourself on not being caught by MAMA bear. I have to be very careful with you at playgrounds because you want to do everything the big kids do. You love to be chased, and to chase us in return.!
    • COUCH POTATO. Yep, you love TV. Current favorites are the Wiggles, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Dora.  

    • CHATTY. Your picking up more and more words since your surgery.. It has helped so much PTL... You said PawPaw yesterday, you love him so much.  You also say alot of gibbering that I know means something to you, but I have no clue.. You get frustrated when I don't understand. 
    • WATER BABY. Oh, do you adore water.. You have no fear and the bathtub is one of your favorite places. You ever try to put your face in the water, too. I couldn't find you the other day and was about frantic..  You usually like to go in the bathroom and play in the toliet (yeah, we are working on this 2), but this day you had climbed in the tub with your shoes on and was rolling your train in the tub, LoL.   You can't enjoy the water as much right now and haven't for a few weeks bc of your ears.  We have to be more careful now, due to your tubes..

    • ATTACHED. You’re very attached to us and you DO NOT LIKE when we walk away from you. If I should leave you for two minutes to perhaps use the bathroom, without inviting you to come with me, you will cry and scream. I am looking forward to the end of this particular phase, as I would very much like to pee in peace. Heh.  You love to grab my finger and "show" me stuff.  You love to show me photographs of people that you love.

    • POTTY TIME.   You’re showing a lot of signs that you are ready to train... You wake up dry most days and take your diaper off when you pee or poop in it.. Gross.. I am showing you the potty and sitting you on it.  Really we are just talking about it and getting you aquainted.  I will be happy about this :)

    • TEETHING. We are anticipating the arrival of your four cuspids (canine teeth) any day now. This round of teething has been tough. It makes you cranky and I can’t wait for those cursed demon teeth to break through!
    • BOOKWORM. About the only time you seem to settle down and slow down is with books. You’ll sit and look at the pictures and it occupies you for quite a while! I love that you’re a reader.
    • MUSIC. You still love your music! You adore singing, especially “Happy Birthday.”  You love for me to turn the music up in the car and you hum alone.  Precious. You also like the Wheels on the Bus and you love for me to act like I am the baby crying.

    • .Trains. You love your trains and bring them for me to attach 100 times a day.  You love pushing them on the floor and on the bed. 

    I love you sweet, innocent baby boy... You are quite literally my life and always will be.  You have brought the meaning of the word love to my heart.  Oh sweet baby, stop growing so fast.  You make me want to cry when I think of how big your getting.  
    Love, Mama

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