Monday, September 26, 2011


Go to sleep little one
May it be peaceful
May you dream of lovely things
And awake to find them real
Little one

Close your eyes little one
This is your lullaby
The love of God is evident in the miracle of you
Little one...

Thought that this was so sweet, if only it would work... LoL... Landon is currently crying in his crib and wanting out!  Bless him, for some reason he has had a rough sleep week... I hope it is his medicine and will be better tomorrow.  I don't like sweet buddy to cry.  He loves to throw everything out of his crib when he is mad.  Looks like I am going to have to move him to a toddler bed, wow that is scary!  This is a cute collaborative blog for stories that I have found, me and Landon read it to unwind before beddie bye,  I also have been reading blogs about toddler activities and other tricks for the upcoming winter.  I stay home with Landon every day and if we don't have something to keep us busy on those cold winter days, we will go crazy.  On another note, do you follow celebrity bloggers?  I love the Kardashians, much to my husbands disappointment.  He says that it rots my brain, I on the other hand love it!!  I like checking out little Mason on Kourtney's blog,  Well, it looks like Landon has gave it up for the night.  Bless his bones.  We have a busy day tomorrow, so I better hop on in the bed too.  Here are a few pics from our fabulous day at home! 

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