Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Landon is...

  • You are sleeping through the night (well according to Mommy's definition)  you have been going to bed a little later and waking up later, so that is what works for us.  He wakes up about 5 am for another feeding.. and goes back to sleep til 9am.. then back 2 sleep for about 3 hours and then we are up and ready to go.  I have my shower most of the time when you are asleep :)
  • I breastfeed you throughout the day (around every 3 hours), but I pump enough to have a bottle of breastmilk waiting on our nightly feeding because we are so sleepy!
  • We use Dr. Brown's bottles and you take them very well!
  • You do get mad when I am feeding you and I don't get it done as fast as possible
  • You don't like to burp!  You cry... and I talk to you and tell you that you have to burp to make yourself feel better..
  • You love to lay in the floor and kick your legs and want people to talk to you, so you can laugh and smile at them!  We all get down there to see who can get the biggest smile (you are SO loved)
  • You follow my voice when someone has you, because you KNOW who I am already
  • You love to suck on your passy
  • You take 3 long naps in the day
  • You wear a size 1 diaper
  • You wear anything from 3mos to 9mos clothes
  • You have the hiccups often, but that doesn't seem to bother you
  • Your Mommy isn't supposed to do this but she gave you a lick of her Popsicle and you loved it!

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