Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swimming Memories/ 11 Weeks Old

You are 11 weeks old today Landon Jacob Wilson! Time is flying, but we are having so much fun with you in our life! Tonight, you got to get in the swimming pool with your Granna B for the 1st time. You loved it. You played in your float like a big boy, and you are truly a BIG boy, lots of rolls on your arms and legs and I kiss on them all day long! You love your mama's milk and want it every 3 hours! We give you around 4 ounces still. We are going to the beach in a couple of weeks, so we wanted to see how you like the water, and you enjoyed it very much. We can't wait to take you on your very first vacation. I hope we get to carry you everywhere you want to go, I know you will probably want to see Disney and lots of other stuff. My mom and dad have taken me on lots of trips and I am so thankful for that. So I want you to be able to go on lots of trips 2!!! I love you LJ, you are my bestest buddy in the world~

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