Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To Must Have List and the Not So Much

Lots of my friends have asked me what was the things that I have used most since the arrival of my new baby boy, so I thought I would take some time to mention my must haves and things I could live without.
Most Used:
  1. Diapers, go ahead and stock up as you go, you WILL NOT want to have to load up and go get them when you run out.  Pampers are my fav.. they are softer and have a line that shows when they are wet.
  2. Wipes.. I am not to picky on my wipes
  3. Bottles, I nurse mostly throughout the day, but I use bottles when I pump for night feeding and when we are going somewhere.  I tried em' all, but I found that I like Dr. Brown's the best. There are more pieces, but his stomach is much better with them.
  4. Can't use bottles without a pump!  So I went with Medela PISA, I only have to pump for about 10 minutes with this little jewel, it's a lifesaver.
  5. Swing, start them early in the swing and they usually will like it better.  
  6. Boppy, not just for nursing, but to prop him up on the bed.
  7. Passy's, I would start out with my own passy, rather than the one at the hospital.   The hospital ones are hard to find and a holder won't fit them.
  8. Blankets, to keep them swaddled.
  9. Milacon, Tylenol, Saline, Butt Paste and anything for a baby's sickness
  10. Thermometer
  11. Diaper Genie, that way you don't have to take the trash out immediately
  12. Bath Stuff
  13. Bath Chair that fits over your sink, it is wonderful and I leave it on the sink. It let the water drain through.
  14. Aspirator aka Booger Sucker
  15. Bottle Brushes, you don't want Thrush!
  16. Steamer, to clean your bottles and other utensils for baby.  They go in the microwave for 5 minutes.
  17. Slip over sleep shirts or gowns for nighttime, you don't want to button stuff in the middle of the night!
  18. A drying rack for all your bottles and nipples and etc.
  19. Pack N Play, that is where he sleeps, bc we set it up in the room with us!
  20. Monitors
Not SO much
  1. Wipes Warmer, I don't use mine, bc I am never where it is, and it has to be plugged in.  
  2. Bottle Warmer, I put mine in hot water
  3. Hard Bathtub, I haven't used it yet, maybe when he can sit up
  4. Hairbrush, this is just for me, cause lil man doesn't have any hair, LOL.. I use it though cause he likes it.
  5. Thermometer for water temperature.  I am the thermometer, I always make sure that it is cooler than what I take a bath in, cause he is so little.  
  6. Baby Powder, they say not to use powder on little one's anymore
  7. I can't really think of anything else. 
Always have a camera ready for all those special moments!!!

 Giving Monkey Sugars

What Precious Feet, I know they will be getting into many things before long!

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