Monday, December 13, 2010

7 Months and Going Strong :)

Landon Jacob Wilson you just turned 7 months old!!!!  I can't believe it's true, it really feels like I was just having to put you in your seat for the first time ever.  To tell you the truth some days have flown by as others have felt like they lasted a lifetime.  You love to grin and play, and make mama trail behind you every step of the way, just in case you get wobbly when you pull up and hit your head, lol.  But, sometimes your belly hurts, or your teeth are coming in, or you hit your head and you are an unhappy camper. 

You are eating up a storm, you love to eat, that is for sure.  You have cut down on milk, but you like fresh bananas, cheese puffs, all baby food except green beans, oatmeal, rice cereal, juice, well those are most of your favorites.

You have 2 teeth on the bottom, and I think some more are coming in on top because you constantly run your tongue over your gum, your drooling, and a little more fussy than usual at times. 

You don't take a passy and haven't for a couple of months, but you have started using your sippy cup by yourself.

You are pulling up to the couch and anything else you can get a grip on.

You LOVE your reflection.

You like Micky Mouse Playhouse the most.

You are wearing a size 3 diaper.

You went to Chattanooga with me and your Daddy this week, and you liked the aquarium the most. 

You love playing in the floor with your toys and me playing with you!  You like to watch me be goofy with all your animals, because you think it is SOOOO funny.  I catch myself saying things to you that are not very age appropriate, lol, I have got to work on that. :)  Your mom's crude humor is going to come back and bite her in the butt, if I don't stop now, :) 

Your growing like a weed!  More hair, longer body, larger foot, EVERYTHING!!!  It is amazing how much the body grows within 7 months.  But, you have one sweet little body and I love every hair on your head big guy!  You are my number one and couldn't imagine my life any other way.  You haven't been sick yet, and I am feeling kind of under the weather.  I think it might just be another sinus infection, but I worry about you getting sick constantly.  I know I have to hand things like this over to God, and let it go, because after I take all the precautions I know how to, it is in His hands.  So goodbye burden, I am leaving you here.  Also, for those of you that might be reading this, tomorrow is my husbands first real day of his new job, please pray for God's guidance for him and His help with new job anxiety.  I love you Toph, you will do great!

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