Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is near!

 Oh my goodness, it is almost Christmas, ONLY 3 days.  I can't wait, I think I have all my shopping done except one or two things.  I'm cutting it kinda close, but I'm going to town tomorrow and should be able to finish up.  The only bad thing is the Christmas crowd always seems to take a little of my spirit away, lol.  I know most of the people that come out, only come out once a year, and you can tell.  I have to slow down, take a breath, and breathe in all that Christmas cheer... ;)  Landon is ready for his 1st Christmas, we got him all ready to go.  I know he won't know much about it this year, but he loves things that make noise and he is going to get A LOT of them... I knew I said I wasn't going to overdo it, but he is so much fun to buy for.  He is feeling better, still a little congested but no fever for a couple of days.  His little cheeks get red and I have to put vaseline on them.  We also have to keep pants on his little legs bc the carpet is so rough and makes them red.  I bet he thinks that I don't EVER leave him alone, bc I'm always after him to do something to him, lol.  I have to keep him suctioned and he HATES that....  I need to get a pic of him actually getting it done, whew, he would probably knock my camera out of my hands though.

He has loved playing with his toys.  He has a leap frog bus, but he WILL NOT let the frogs ride in it.  I put them in, and he takes them out... Over and over.  He also likes me to sing "Shake it up Baby Now" into his backyardigans microphone, he thinks it is hilarious.   

These are his favorite food, gotta keep them stocked!

I keep these done up, when he wants milk he wants it THEN... :)

He loves to look at himself, so I got my full length mirror out of the closet and let him play.  I then push it behind the couch because I'm afraid of him breaking it and getting cut.

Poor guys doesn't like his meds so I mix them in the bottle where he doesn't spit it back out at me.

My shrine, I am going to have to get a bigger table!

Landon goes to sleep on his own now, I lay him down, he lays his head down and goes to sleep... This is WONDERFUL.  He is still in the room with me and Toph and I am fixing to move him to his room :(  This will be a sad day for Mommy, but it is getting close.

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