Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree adventure was a lot harder than last year, because on this day you decided to take no naps :(  You were so sleepy and fussy.  This is the day that I decided to implement a better sleep schedule.  Bless your heard and MINE, it is hard work little buddy, but all good things come to those who can wait it out (my version) lol... I have had to let you cry today to get you to nap.  It breaks my heart but it was the only option that I thought would work for you.  You are really strong willed and I am just going to have to work with you.  We finally got you to stop crying in the night, it took about 6 days.  For some reason, I think the nap thing is gonna take a little longer.  I don't mind being strong when I know it will benefit you.  You are the most precious thing in the entire world.  The other day you crawled over to the recliner and stuck your hands up for me to pick you up and when I did you gave me sugar, nice big sloppy sugar.  It melted my heart.  I love tending to you, it is the best job I have ever had.  Another thing I have had to start thinking about is teaching you right from wrong, if you stayed little I would never even have to think about this :(  I have got to start teaching you what you can play with and what you can't... this is going to be all day because you are very inquisitive.  But I think of it as the more work you put in, the better they are.. I really believe that.  I want you 2 mind me and daddy.  We will work on this after we gets the sleep thing under control.  I know you will do fine because you are smart little boy.  I love you big guy, your the best thing EVER.

My family ornament with Landon... awww I love it

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