Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Aquarium with my Family

I have enjoyed this trip so much.  It was nice to get out of Killen, Alabama with just my sweet little family.  I have got to spend some incredible alone time with my baby boy while daddy was at work.  We played in our room most days, took a few strolls, took a lot of pics, and had a wonderful time.  He does new things everyday and I am so blessed to be able to watch him grow into the person he is becoming.  Writing this makes me sad, in a sense that this trip is over and the next trip will probably be a lot different.  They grow up so, so fast and I want to hold onto time and let him be my baby so much longer that God allows.  I wake up and kiss those sweet cheeks every morning and I fall in love with him all over again.
Tonight, we ended our adventures with the Tennessee Aquarium.  Landon loved looking at all the fish, he was amazed but all the movement and wanted to touch the tanks.  That brain was working in overdrive trying to take everything in.  I love him so much. 

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