Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Country Boy's can survive! LoL

Oh Landon, you had so much fun today.  I had this wonderful idea to take you down to the creek that goes across the road, down by my friend Kala Walker's old house.  I remember when my dad took me down there to wash his truck, we only did it a few times, but I remember it being so much fun and such a good memory.  So Granna B agreed (after some begging) to drive us in the truck down there.  Granna doesn't like that kind of G and is afraid you will get hurt or bitten by a snake, come on granna loosen up a little, LOL.  Just kidding, we love you B.  You loved going across the water, and I had to run to catch you.  It was a little scary bc you can get away so fast, but you were grinning and then you wanted to lay down in the water.  I showed you where the water dropped off going on down the creek and thought that was so cool, you wanted to do it yourself.  HELLO, maybe when your 7, lol.  I love doing silly things like this with you, seeing your face light up at the most simple things makes my heart smile.  You are so precious!  A dog came up at the end to get him a drink and you thought he was the best thing ever.  Granna warned us not to touch him, but... we did anyway, lol.  He was a sweet doggie.  When we got come we went to see the cows and you love them too, you want to get down and go to them, but I have to hold you where you don't get shocked with the electric fence.  One cow let us feed him though the fence and pet him and he thought this was great!  I tell him cows go MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and he tries to do it... and then I say suk heifer suk and he thinks that is hilarious.  Fun, fun day sweet one.                 

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