Thursday, May 26, 2011

No air? What...?

Today our power was out and it was HOT and we couldn't drink the water due to some complications at the water company!  What no air and water?  That is definitely not for me.  Toph got home early so we went to Rick's BBQ and got something to eat and thought maybe the power would come on while we were gone, no luck.  I figured it would be a while since I saw the lines down in the road and some man from the electricity department digging the biggest hole I have ever seen with a SHOVEL... poor guy.  So Lan man went to spend the night with his Ninny and Papa, he had already started getting hot.. :)  I decided I would take advantage and get a little sun and catch up on my new JD Robb book, I read it all in one sitting.  I love her series. Treachery in Death.  You can check it out by clicking on the picture... I have been reading a lot of Francine Rivers lately and I have really enjoyed her.  I don't watch much TV so that is my down time.  I am thinking about getting a kindle, but I know it probably isn't a good idea... all my books end up soaked in some form of water..  Overall, it wasn't a bad day, just a little frustrating when I go to plug in my lap top and remember, no power, lol... I did that kind of stuff all day, I depend on my gadgets way to much!

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