Thursday, May 19, 2011

The first year, being ours...

So today is going to be my last blog post in Landon's first year with us.  Bittersweet!  I love him so much and I'm so happy he is a healthy growing boy, but at the same time I don't like him getting so big, so fast.  I think I would have another if it was God's plan, but I think we are going to wait a while.  I know it would be fun to have another little one for him to play with, but I also try to think down the road.  I know it is not all about material things and they sure don't make you happy, but having a little money sure makes circumstances easier.  He is going to be a little jokster... He will ignore me around his daddy, but makes sure I am looking, then he looks out from the side of his eye and gives me a little grin.  It look like he is thinking haha mom, I am not playing with you now, beg :)  Stinker!  He loves to go places and will go to just about anyone that says I'm going bye bye.  He heads to the door and starts waving.  Guess he is gonna be a loafer tail like his mama.  Toph and I took him golfing at Joe Wheeler yesterday.  We were glad it was a slow day cause Lan man wanted to get out of the cart at every hole and play.  At the hole he would grab the flag out and put his golf balls in the hole.  It was so much fun and I sure hope he turns out to be a little golfer, mama loves the golf course.  He doesn't crawl anymore and trys to run everywhere, if I don't lose some weight during the toddler years there is no hope.  I am trying to get him used to shoes, but he doesn't much like them, he grunts and tries to pull them off.  If I didn't have his little push car at home we wouldn't survive.  I put him in it to do my watering and stuff and have to buckle him in.   He is learning fast how to get his way and we have been working on that.  It usually only takes a stern voice and he breaks down, bless it.  I hate doing it, but I know I gotta get a grip while I still can.  I usually have to do it the most when we go out to eat, he wants to throw his stuff off the table, poor servers, we make a mess!  He loves Thomas the Train and Dirtgirlworld.  I ordered my pool alarm this week and am anxious for it's arrival, I am scared of the pool and the door leading out.  We are gonna work on swimming when the water gets a little warmer, for now he has been lounging in his little pool.  I fill it up with bath water and he loves it.  The first time in he left a little surprise, GROSS!  I was glad I was able to just pitch the water out, and wasn't in the pool.  We got our fam pics back from HMP today and I was so happy with them.  It is a lot of work to get ready and head to Moorseville and work around everyone's schedule, but I am happy it worked out and will treasure them forever.  I scheduled Landon's one year doctor's appointment for next Tuesday and I'm not looking forward to it, last time is still to0 fresh on my mind... 2 hour wait, poop, rain, and a sick baby.  It will be better now bc he isn't so sick, but I don't wanna catch anything there, that is the worst part!  Well, I hope I'm good after year one with keeping up with the blog world, it has been the best year of my life.  Period.  To my sweet, precious boy I hope one day you read this little story of our life as a family and realize how much you mean to me, your dad, and family.  Your a gift from God and true blessing in my life, I really don't know what or who I would be without you. Everyday of this year was a new experience and adventure and you have shown me what I was put on Earth to do.  I know you are going to turn into such a good person with a big heart.  I hope I can be an example to you as you grow into that person.  I love you big guy, more than any word can say.                          

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