Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm one!

I have been SO busy!  I haven't had much time to blog lately.  I have been redoing my kitchen and dining room floors and the kitchen cabinets.  All I can say is WHEW, it has been a lot of work.  We did wood in the foyer and dining room and ceramic tile in the kitchen.  I painted my cabinets a cream antique finish and I love the new changes.  Toph laid my tile and his mom and dad helped him with the wood.  During all the renovation my dad had to be put in the hospital for a foot infection and is now off work for 6 or 8 weeks.  Please pray for him, bc if it gets worse he may lose 2 of his toes.  Landon had his party yesterday and it was fun!  The weather was a little windy and cold, but overall it went okay.  He loved his presents and is walking everywhere!  He got to see all of his sweet little friends that came and loved "talking" to them.  I don't know what he is saying most of the time, but he sure can tell some stuff.  He said mama yesterday for the first time... it was the best thing I have ever heard.  He was only saying dadada all the time.  :) Some things he is doing:  He says mama, dada, he waves and says bye when we are going somewhere.  He dances and sings.  He loves to patty cake.  He loves to get anything with wheels and roll it everywhere.  He likes for EVERYone to sing and clap when we are singing and then when we get done, he likes us to clap and say good job :)  He has been throwing his drink off his highchair and getting told no alot for that, but it has got better.  He likes to nuzzle in the morning with me and let me rub his arms and back :)  He is a sweet boy!  He is eating anything!  But his favs are mac and cheese and baked potatoes...  He wears a size 5 diaper and 24 month clothes..:)

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