Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Doctor, Doctor... Where are you?

The doctor issue started when I couldn't get in to my regular OBGYN in Florence last year.  I decided to look around. I went to my family practicioner in Huntsville and asked him to reccomend someone.  He told me about Dr. Fiore upstairs, so I decided to try him out.  He was so nice and I loved him, this was in August.  So about 20 pregnancy tests later I went to see him again in Sept.  This is when I officially found out I was preggo!  I was about 7 weeks.  Come to find out since I had JUST been, I didn't even have to have the normal work up he usually does!  I heard the heartbeat the first time I went at 7 weeks, it was the most amazing sound.  I can't believe something that small already has a heartbeat!  He talked alot about what was to come and what we would do next time and things like that.  Toph didn't get to come with me because he had took almost all his vacay days with our wedding and honeymoon... The pic of Landon looked like a little bitty snowman!  It was so neat.  I still didn't really feel pregnant, I just had to pee alot!  I will share some pics from the very first time I saw my baby.

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