Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The start of a new adventure...

Well guys, as you may already know, I am a stay at home wife and pregnant with my first baby.  I spend alot of my time at home and on my computer, taking classes for my EdS and farming of course.  I love technology and went to school to become a Business Education teacher.  I am gonna wait til I have my baby to look for a job, and they are pretty hard to come by these days.  I intially went to school to become a counselor, so I got a psychology degree, then I decided to go back and get my teaching degree. For now, I am happy at home for the time being.  My husband, Chris, works at Alliance Automation as an electrial engineer, and we are blessed that he has a good job to support us!  We just got married in June, and got pregnant in August.  No one can say we weren't on top of our game!  We weren't planning for a baby this soon, but we are so excited for our little boy to get here!  We are gonna name him Landon Jacob Wilson, his Daddy wants to call him LJ.  After I found out I was preggo, I have looked back on my life and decided that it was a true blessing to create a life with someone I love.  I felt lacking in areas of my life and was never content with anything.  Now, I feel so full of life and have a sense of contentment that I have never experienced before.  God had a plan for me, I just didn't know it!  I created this blog, to keep up with my pregnancy and how I am feeling about life in general.  I love to document memories and hope one day Landon can look back and see how much his mama already loved him, even before he was born.  I am 21 weeks this week.

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  1. Very nicely put. There is nothing better than the love of your own children. You will love him more than you can imagine the first time you hold him in your arms. It will be tough at first, but a mothers love will get you through the hard times.

    Kayla "Woody" Terry


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