Friday, January 8, 2010

Girls Day Out

Today was an awesome day.  Me and my buddy Lauren Richardson went to the Marriott to have a prenatal massage.  It was so relaxing and felt great.  We went to the relaxation room before and caught up on some G.  I had a man and she had a woman, but we did them together in the same room.  Lauren only has 3 weeks left and she hasn't been sleeping, so she needed it.  I just went because I love getting rubbed and Toph only does it for like 2 minutes and he's tired!  I felt sorry for him  though, because he had to work 12 hrs. today in the cold, bless him... He had some good news today, but I will talk about that later when I have more details.  Before we went to the Marriott, we went shopping and I bought Landon his first outfit, from me!  His Granna B has already bought him some, but I just had to have this one!  I also set up his newborn pics today, she likes for you to book them 6 months in advance.  So he goes for his debut photography session on June 7th.  I think that will be the best birthday present ever for me, because my bday is the next day!  We also set up his 3, 6, 9, and year sessions too... I guess my house will be a shrine, like my mom's was.  We went with Heather Mitchell Photography.  She does a lot of my friends baby's and Heather's mom did Home Interior with B back in the day. I love her work.  Today has been a fun filled day, me and Lauren will be starting a new chapter in our lives soon and probably won't have as much time to relax and G on girls day, so I am glad we got the chance to to do it.  I am adding some pics of his new outfit and my belly this week..


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