Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nursery Preparation and First HARD kick

So, I felt my first very hard kick on Thursday 1-17-2010.  I was laying on my stomach typing on the computer and felt something that scared me!  It was a hard kick and Toph said that it was Landon trying to tell me to get off of him... Poor guy, lol.  I have felt rumbling and bubbles in my stomach, but not something that hard.  It was neat and I was glad he is getting bigger.  Today, dad and mom came over and helped me and Toph clean out all my stuff from the nursery.  We had previously used that room as a office and had all kinds of papers and computer stuff in there.  It took us a while to get it all out and find new homes for my pieces.  We moved my desk into our room and the love-seat into the living room.  Toph moved his stuff into the spare bedroom and we made his closet.  We are going to paint and put crown molding up soon.  We are gradually getting things together and 8 hands are so much better than 2.  I am going to post some before pics where I can see how far the nursery has come when we finish.  :)   We also finished his letters that we made for his room this week. 

This is a picture I kept of the pregnancy test...

My Belly Week 22

Daddy and son jerseys


Moved my desk

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